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May 1998 Agenda back to agenda list

9:30 Call to order, roll call.

  • Discussion of previous minutes.

  • Vouchers

9:45 Administrative Report

John Elston, Administrator, Office of Air Quality Management

  • Public Hearing

  • Air Monitoring Network for Fine Particles Workshop

  • Global Climate

  • Open Market Trading

  • Mercury Task Force

  • NEPPS Agreement - Critical Assessment

  • CAC comments on news clips?

New Business

10:45 Rules Development

  • 3/16/98 - (prop) Diesel-Powered Motor Vehicle Inspection and Maint. Program

  • 5/4/98 - (adop) Permits and Certifications for Minor Facilities (and major Facilities without Operating permits)

11:30 Break

Old Business

11:45 CAC Bylaws - Committee - Irwin Zonis and John Maxwell -

Note: Bring your copy of the CAC Bylaws previously distributed.

12:00 Public Hearing - Hearing Committee should remain for discussion with report editor, Eileen Hogan.

Publication of the transcript on the Web?

May 18, 1998


DEP Building

7th floor large conference room

401 East State Street

Trenton, NJ

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