Council Members

cleanwaterThe Clean Water Council consists of 17 members. Seven members represent the New Jersey Departments of Labor and Industry, Community Affairs, Energy, Environmental Protection, Agriculture, the Chairman of the Water Policy and Supply Council in the Department of Environmental Protection, and the Executive Director of the Delaware River Basin Commission; five citizens of the State representing the general public; and six members to be appointed from persons to be nominated by the following organizations - New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce, New Jersey Business and Industry Association, New Jersey State League of Municipalities, the New Jersey Association of Counties, New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers, Inc. and the New Jersey AFL-CIO. Appointed council members shall serve a term of four years.

Ferdows Ali, Ph.d.
New Jersey Department of Agriculture

Pamela Goodwin, Esq.
General Public

George Bakun, P.E.
NJ Business & Industry Association
Anthony McCracken, Sr., AICP/PP
General Public

Robert Breslin
New Jersey State AFL-CIO

Lou Mason Neely
NJ League of Municipalities

Stanley V. Cach Jr., P.E., P.P., BCEE
NJ Department of Environmental Protection
Jim Requa, ED.D.
NJ Department of Community Affairs
James Cosgrove, PE (1st Vice Chair)
NJ Society of Professional Engineers
Jessica Sanchez, Ph.D. (2nd Vice Chair)
Delaware River Basin Commission

Alternating Members (*)
Water Supply Advisory Council (WSAC)
Liaison to NJCWC

Chris Sturm
General Public
Russell J. Furnari
Chamber of Commerce

Anthony Valente
N. J. Department of Labor

Amy Goldsmith
General Public
Daniel J. Van Abs, Ph.D., PP/AICP (Chair)
General Public
Mary Anna Holden, Commissioner
NJ Board of Public Utilities – Energy

NJ Association of Counties

 (*) WSAC Members
Vincent Monaco, P.E.
Pam Carolan, P.E.
William Hutchinson, P.E.
Neil Goldfine, P. E.
Norman  Nelson, P.E.

Helen Heinrich, NJALA
NJ Farm  Bureau

Peggy Gallos
Assoc. of Environmental Authorities

2014 Clean Water Council Public Hearing Notice - The 2014 Clean Water Council public hearing is scheduled for Friday, December 12, 2014 in the NJDEP Publich Hearing Room. This years topic "Solving Sewer Overflows: Getting Ahead of the Flow". For additional information click here.
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