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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection


Science Advisory Board

Study Areas

- Air
- Barnegat Bay
- Chromium
- Coastal
- Drinking Water
- Ecological
- Environmental Health
- Environmental Trends
- Fish Advisories & Studies
- Mercury
Nutrient Related Research
- Water Quality
- Wetlands


Research Project Summaries

Staff Expertise

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New Jersey Private Well Testing Act (PWTA) - View testing results by County\Minicipality - (June 2012)

An Evaluation of Potential Exposures to Lead and Other Metals as theResult of Aerosolized Particulate Matter from Artificial Turf Playing Fields (2011)
- Research Project Summary
- Final Report

Barnegat Bay Comprehensive Research 2011-2012

Presented - September 2011

Nutrient & Ecological Histories in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey -(April 2011)
- Research Project Summary
- Final Report- 101 pages 1.33mb

Investigation of release, fate and transport of lead from motor vehicle wheel weights
Research Project Summary - June 2011

Ocean/Wind Power Ecological Baseline Studies
Final Report Release (July 2010)

Use of SAV Biotic Indicators for the Assessment of Eutrophication in Barnegat Bay Little Egg Harbor (BB-LEH) (November 2009)
Final Report - 73 pages 750 kb

Status of NJDEP PFOA Activities (August 2009)

The function of the Office of Science (formerly, the Division of Science, Research and Technology) is to help ensure that the department’s decision-making is based upon the best possible scientific and technical information. The role of this office is to provide the department with, and access to, expertise and information that supports its technical and policy needs. In addition, the office will perform research to meet the information and problem-solving needs, identify and understand emerging issues that require the department’s attention and to advocate/integrate the multi-disciplinary perspective into the department’s identification, analysis and resolution of environmental issues.

Office of Science
Dr. Gary A. Buchanan, Manager
Mailing Address:
Mail code 428-01
P.O. Box 420
Trenton, NJ 08625
Office Location:
428 East State St., 1st floor
Trenton, NJ 08625

Phone: (609) 984-6070
Fax: (609) 292-7340

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