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Living with the Future in Mind
Goals and Indicators for New Jersey's Quality of Life
First Annual Update to the Sustainable State Project Report 2000
GOAL: Create or enhance within New Jersey communities a positive sense of local identity and individual belonging, which promotes respect among neighbors, increases everyone’s feelings of safety and security, and provides abundant cultural and recreational opportunities. 
Feeling good about where you live, feeling a connection to your neighbors and local institutions while surrounded by places to play and learn, is an ideal that many people seek. New Jersey offers a vast array of communities and neighborhoods - cities, small towns, old and new suburbs, rural lands - and an equally vast array of recreation and cultural options, from cranberry festivals to opera, from bicycle races to ethnic celebrations. Our community bond is weakened when we don’t participate in community events, when we fear to walk some streets, and when we can’t or don’t visit our cultural and recreational places.

What we know

Newspaper circulation decreasing

Crime rate recently decreasing

Open space available for public enjoyment increasing

What we don't know

• How much New Jerseyans give back to their communities in the form of volunteer work with schools, Little League, community organizations, and clubs.

• How much opportunity New Jerseyans have to enjoy the state’s cultural amenities, such as local fairs, theaters, sporting events, and museums.

• The state of our civil society and how well we will be able to work together as a society to solve our collective problems.

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