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Living with the Future in Mind
Goals and Indicators for New Jersey's Quality of Life
First Annual Update to the Sustainable State Project Report 2000
GOAL: A variety of desirable housing options for all New Jerseyans, at every income level. 
Sandwiched between two major cities in neighboring states, New Jersey has long provided an opportunity for home ownership not available to city dwellers. As a result, we have become a state where the majority of people live in suburbs. Sprawling ever outward, we are losing our diversity of housing types. New housing options in New Jersey are largely limited to "cookie cutter" subdivisions. There is good news: average incomes have risen more than housing prices in recent years, suggesting that some of us who could not afford to buy homes in the past are now able to do so. Rent costs have remained stable.

What we know

Little recent change in the number of New Jerseyans who can afford to rent

Income increasing faster that housing prices

Little change in housing choice



What we don't know

We do not have consistent data to describe the quality and state of repair of these homes.

We do not have data to describe the neighborhoods these homes are located in; whether children who live in these homes have other children to play with nearby; whether these homes are located in safe neighborhoods; or whether these homes are located near amenities such as parks, shopping and entertainment.

These data do not adequately tell us how much financial strain New Jerseyans endure in meeting their housing needs.

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