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A Newsletter About New Jersey's Water Quality Programs Contents of Volume 10

    Volume 10 Number 4 - Spring 2003

  1. New Jersey Takes Action to Combat Sprawl
  2. Financing Program Advances Smart Growth Initiatives
  3. More Engineers Recognized Under Expedited Treatment Works Program
  4. Everything You Wanted to Know About Reuse…
  5. Division Completes Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Pilot Program
  6. A New Approach to Protect Our Waterways

    Volume 10 Number 3 - Winter 2002

  1. Effluent Reuse Becoming More Popular in New Jersey
  2. DEP Releases New Internet Mapping Tool to Enhance Public Access to Information
  3. Financing Program to Fund $222 Million in Improvements
  4. More NJPDES Program Information Available on the Internet
  5. Lake Hopatcong to Get Water Quality Boost
  6. Notice: Treatment Works Approval Permit Fees to Increase

    Volume 10 Number 2 - Fall 2002

  1. New Data Shows Sludge Quality Improving
  2. State Implements Numeric Water Quality Criteria for Total Phosphotus
  3. Radionuclides in Sludge
  4. NJPDES Program to Introduce Electronic Monitoring Report Forms
  5. Pinelands Commission Adopts Pilot Program for Alternate Design Wasterwater Treatment Systems
  6. Notice to All Facilities Authorized Under the Existing Sanitary Septic System General Permit NJ0130281 (Category T1)
  7. Financincg Program Deadlines for 2003

    Volume 10 Number 1 - Summer 2002

  1. New Digital Library Catalogues New Jersey's Environmental Information
  2. New Assistant Commissioner Appointed
  3. New Stormwater Web Site Debuts - www.njstormwater.org
  4. New Jersey Discharger Marks 10th Year of Publication
  5. MCUA Receives Loan for Residuals Management Facilities
  6. Ground Water Discharges Now Regulated Under Renewed Basic Industrial Stormwater General Permit (NJ0088315)
  7. What's in That Water?
  8. DEP Approving Drought Reuse Water Authorizations
  9. 2003 Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program Deadlines Approach
  10. EPA Awards Grant to Protect Public Health at the Nation's Beaches

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