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A Newsletter About New Jersey's Water Quality Programs Contents of Volume 12

    Volume 12 Number 3 - Winter 2004

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    Volume 12 Number 2 - Fall 2004

  1. Governor McGreevey Enacts Historic Highlands Legislation, Protects Drinking Water for 5.4 Million New Jersey Residents
  2. Division of Water Quality Completes Reorganization
  3. EPA Compiling National 2004 Clean Watersheds Needs Survey
  4. Final General Permit for Combined Sewer Systems Issued
  5. Finance Deadlines Approach for Environmental Infrastructure Program
  6. New EPA Guide to Help Wastewater Utilities Develop EMSs and Manage Critical Issues
  7. EPA Releases New Local Limits Guidance
  8. 2004 Effluent Guidelines Program Plan Published
  9. Water Recycling Documented in 2003 Effluent Reuse Annual Report

    Volume 12 Number 1 - Summer 2004

  1. Governor McGreevey's Fight for Clean Water Takes Center Stage in Resource-Rich Highlands
  2. 'Clean Watersheds Needs Survey' Ranks New Jersey Third in Nation
  3. New General Permits Issued
  4. Alternative Design Wastewater Treatment Systems Authorized in Pinelands
  5. Reclaimed Water for Beneficial Reuse General Permit to be Issued
  6. Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program Sets Hearing Date for 2005 Priority System
  7. 18 Engineering Firms Qualify for Treatment Works Recognition Program
  8. Getting Environmental Information is Faster and Easier

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