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A Newsletter About New Jersey's Water Quality Programs Contents of Volume 3

    Volume 3 Number 4 - Spring 1996

  1. DEP Proposes New Rules For Water Quality Program Overhaul
    1. New Jersey Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NJPDES)
    2. The Water Quality Management Planning (WQMP) rules
    3. The Surface Water Quality Standards
    4. The Water Pollution Control Act rules
  2. Rule Change Hearing Schedule
  3. Whole Effluent Toxicity Discussed at Workshop
  4. TWA Notice of Authorization Eliminated
  5. Water Quality Videos Available
  6. DEP to Include Stormwater/Nonpoint Source Management Projects in '97 Financing Program
  7. Permit Modification To Reduce Reporting Requirements for Ground Water Dischargers
  8. Seminar Scheduled For Stormwater Permits
  9. Did you know?
  10. State Water Quality Inventory Report Available

    Volume 3 Number 3 - Winter 1995

  1. Wastewater Treatment Projects Get Certified For Loans
  2. Ocean Discharge Criteria (ODC) targets coastal water quality
  3. Whippany River Watershed Project Wins NJ Environmental Planning Award
  4. NJPDES Group Flow Modification Finalized
  5. Permittees Participate in Development of New Ground Water General Permit
  6. EPA looking for a few good treatment plants
  7. DEP Publishes First Permits Handbook
  8. Annual federal sludge reports due soon
  9. New Jersey 2nd in Total Money Loaned For Wastewater Improvements
  10. Wanted: Your Help in Completing the 1996 EPA Clean Water Needs Survey
  11. DEP Sets Deadline Dates For Low-Cost Wastewater Funding
  12. Wastewater financing eligible costs expanded
  13. SQARs become DMRs
  14. Nominations sought for Excellence Awards in Wastewater Treatment and Compliance
  15. Did you know? Sludge quality on the rise in New Jersey
    1. Sludge Quality from Domestic Treatment Works in New Jersey
  16. Commission keeps eye on interstate waters
  17. 'Partners in Change' working for a better DEP
  18. A Special Thanks...

    Volume 3 Number 2 - Fall 1995

  1. Protection Activities Underway for New Jersey's Estuaries
  2. DEP Holds Second Water Monitoring Summit
  3. Division of Water Quality FINAL PERMITS ISSUED
  4. DEP and EPA agree to test new approach to environmental performance
  5. Did you know?
  6. Technical Assistance Provided for Sick Treatment Plants
  7. New Jersey Register and Administrative Code now published by West Publishing Company
  8. Amendments to NJPDES Stormwater and Owner/Operator Rules Proposed
  9. Hoechst Celanese receives environmental compliance award
  10. Saving Archaeological Sites: An underlying benefit of the Wastewater Treatment Financing Program
  11. WANTED: Ground Water Dischargers for Electronic Reporting Program

    Volume 3 Number 1 - June 1995

  1. Five new general permits developed for NJPDES program
    1. Concrete Industry Specific General Permit for stormwater discharges
    2. Scrap Metal General Permit for stormwater discharges
    3. General permit for "clean water discharges" to surface water
    4. Potable water treatment plant basins (ground water)
    5. Ground water permit for basin dischargers at operating landfills
  2. Amendments to NJPDES fees proposed
  3. Need assistance with your discharge monitoring report?
  4. Task Force updating pretreatment regs
  5. 1996 EPA Clean Water Needs Survey Underway
  6. EPA grants $50 million to New Jersey for local water pollution control projects
  7. Proposed wastewater financing rules to offer more funding opportunities
  8. 90 Day Construction Permit Rules being amended
  9. New "trim" treatment works application form to replace CP-1 form
  10. Biosolids Management Conference planned
  12. Sewer Bans lifted in two municipalities
  13. Shinn signs multi-state pact promoting environmental technologies
  14. NJWEA is looking for your ideas and expertise
  15. New interim NJPDES permit for stormwater discharges
  16. DEP Permit Activity Report shows improvements in efficiency

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