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A Newsletter About New Jersey's Water Quality Programs Contents of Volume 5

    Volume 5 Number 4 - Spring 1998

  1. Measuring Environmental Progress and Program Performance Under NEPPS
  2. 1996 Clean Water Needs Survey (CWNS) Goes to Congress
  3. Expidited TWA Pilot Program Update
  4. Resolving Toxicity Problems in Wastewater
  5. DEP Proposes SRF Financing Program for Drinking Water Supply Projects
  6. New General Permit for Sanitary Septic Systems
  7. Updated Permit Guide Now Available
  8. New Assistant Commissioner Appointed for Environmental Regulation
  9. NJPDES Permit Application Forms Being Updated
  10. DEP Resources Currently on the World Wide Web

    Volume 5 Number 3 - Winter 1997

  1. Water Quality Improvement Projects Get Certified for Loans
  2. NAPA Report IDs NEPPS Programs as Key to Developing Consistent Environmental Policies
  3. Wastewater Financing Rules Amended
  4. EPA Region 2 Awards Program
  5. Federal Annual Sludge Reports Due
  6. DWQ Announces Hardship Grants
  7. DEP Publishes Corrections to NJPDES Rules
  8. Coldwater Conservation Workshop to be Held at Penn State
  9. New Division Program Guide Available
  10. Division Revamps Web Site

    Volume 5 Number 2 - Fall 1997

  1. New Financing Program to Improve Drinking Water Systems in New Jersey
  2. Compliance With State Water Pollution Regulations Improving
  3. Division Permit Outputs for FY97
  4. DEP Applies for First No Discharge Zone
  5. DEP's Office of Dispute Resolution Offers Alternative to Litigation
  6. New Jersey a Leader in Water Protection
  7. New Tags Require Tags On Discharge Pipes
  8. New Program Helps Business Comply With State Regulations
  9. Nominations Sought for Awards for Excellence in Industrial Wastewater Treatment Compliance
  10. Biosolids Quality Improving

    Volume 5 Number 1 - Summer 1997

  1. Combined Sewer Overflow Program Update
  2. PVSC Kicks Off Effluent Trading Pilot Project
  3. Where Does All The Sludge Go?
  4. Municipal Finance and Construction Element Relocates To 401 East State Street
  5. New Water Rules Adopted
  6. Wastewater Financing Rules To Be Updated
  7. Environmental Indicators Chart Progress Toward Water Quality Goals
  8. SIIA Grants Awarded For Combined Sewer Overflows

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