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A Newsletter About New Jersey's Water Quality Programs Contents of Volume 6

    Volume 6 Number 4 - Spring 1999

  1. DEP to Complete Implementation of National CSO Policy
  2. General Petroleum Products Clean-Up Permit Renewed
  3. Publishing Notices in DEP Bulletin Saves $
  4. Important Notice to Ground Water Permittees
  5. State Laws to Control Nonpoint Source Water Pollution
  6. Pretreatment Seminars for Non-Delegated Local Agencies Set
  7. International Environmental Technology EXPO '99
  8. Loan Program Targets Nonpoint Source Pollution
  9. Public Education and Outreach Aid Watershed Management Process
  10. Sludge Quality Assurance Regulations Proposed for Readoption
  11. Outreach Brochures for Fish Consumption Advisories Available
  12. DEP Proposes Readoption of Water Pollution Control Rules
  13. USGS Report Signals Trend: More People Using Less Water
  14. State Drought Spurs Re-Use of Wastewater
  15. DEP Publishes State of New Jersey's Environment
  16. Where Do people Get Their Water?

    Volume 6 Number 3 - Winter 1998

  1. EPA Presents Regional Operation and Maintenance Awards
  2. Financing Program Certifies 1998 Projects
  3. Septic System Guide Now On Web
  4. Division Permit Outputs for FY98
  5. USEPA Region 2 Awards Program
  6. Get Environmental Info Fast at Envirofacts Web Site
  7. Environmental Indicators Report Published
  8. Watershed Planning Course Offered
  9. Public Hearing on FFY2000 Environmental Infrastructure Financing Set
  10. If the Earth Was an Apple...
  11. DEP Receives EPA Grants for Infrastructure Projects
  12. STORET Water Quality System Modernized
  13. Overview of America's Drinking Water
  14. Is Your Treatment Plant Ready for the Year 2,000?
  15. New Environmental Planning Director Named

    Volume 6 Number 2 - Fall 1998

  1. New Jersey Receives First Federal Approval of Drinking Water Funding Process
  2. A New Look at Licensed Operator Regulations
  3. Permit Actions Now Published In New Jersey Register
  4. Rutgers to Offer Industrial Plant Operations Courses
  5. EPA Publishes Effluent Trading Report
  6. NJEIT Refinances Seven Trust Bond Issues
  7. Rule Amendments Expand Financing Program: Now Includes Drinking Water Funding
  8. NJWEA Presents "Advanced Activated Sludge: Treatment of Industrial Wastewater"
  9. Pretreatment Program Requirements for Non-Delagated Local Agencies
  10. New Residuals Management Technical Manual Available


    Volume 6 Number 1 - Summer 1998

  1. Redesigned Stream Monitoring Network to Provide Watershed-Based Data
  2. DEP Proposes No Discharge Zone for Navesink River
  3. Update on Effluent Trading
  4. Funds Now Available For Improving Drinking Water Systems
  5. Are Expired NJPDES Permits Still Valid?
  6. Division Forms on the Web
  7. Reminder - Tags On Discharge Pipes Now Required

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