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Bureau of Surface Water Permitting
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Surface Water Individual Permits

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General Petroleum Product Cleanup (B4B)

This general permit authorizes discharges of treated groundwater from petroleum leaks (i.e. fuel oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, aviation fuel, and gasoline) to surface waterbodies. Groundwater contaminated by a gasoline spill, which is pumped from the ground and treated prior to discharge to a stream would be one example. The permit is flexibly designed, addressing several different discharge scenarios.

A renewal of this general permit is currently available in final form, as issued on November 26, 2013.


The text of the final permit is available below:

Title File Type
blue arrow Final Permit, issued November 26, 2013 pdf
blue arrow B4B Draft Permit pdf
blue arrow Surface Water Application Forms and Checklists .html


Program Contact: Tara Goodreau or Robert Hall, Bureau of Surface Water Permitting, (609) 292-4860



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