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Surface Water Individual Permits

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Consolidated Potable Water Treatment Plant (BPW)

The DSW consolidated master general permit authorizes the existing discharges from twenty-eight potable water treatment plants (WTPs), into the surface waters of the State of New Jersey.  The wastewater characteristics, effluent limitations and monitoring conditions of the discharges are similar and as such are more appropriately controlled under this general permit.  The specific limitations and monitoring conditions for each facility authorized through this consolidated master general permit are summarized in the “permit summary tables.” Individual authorizations will be issued for each of the twenty-eight WTPs. 

Related Documents

File Type
blue arrow Final New Master Permit (BPW, NJ0129500), effective April 1, 2012 pdf
blue arrow Draft New Master Permit (BPW, NJ0129500), issued December 19, 2011

Draft Renewal Permit Documents

NJDEP has issued the draft renewal Master Consolidated Potable Water Treatment Plant (BPW). This general permit is issued to authorize discharges from twenty two potable water treatment plants (WTPs) to surface waters of the State of New Jersey. 

As indicated in the existing permit, the Department reserves the right to include any new water treatment facilities, with similar wastewater characteristics, that have received all applicable Federal, State and local approvals, including the appropriate Departmental approvals.

Title File Type
blue arrow Draft Renewal Master Consolidated Potable Water Treatment Plant General Permit (Issued April 25, 2017) pdf

Program Contact: Bela Mankad or Johnathan Lakhicharran,Bureau of Surface Water Permitting, (609) 292-4860



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