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Hydrostatic Test Water Discharges (BG)

This general permit should interest those in the utilities, construction, and petroleum storage tank terminal industries. It covers discharges occurring during the hydrostatic testing of storage tanks and pipelines that have been cleaned pursuant to recognized federal, state or general industry documented procedures. The general permit does not authorize the discharge of the cleaning water or tank bottom water. Similar to how it regulates swimming pool discharges, the division decided a BMP approach along with the submission of a certification form would be the most effective and practical regulatory tool. As such, the new general permit does not include effluent limitations or monitoring conditions but incorporates BMPs. Additionally, the new general permit's "Clean Water Assurance Certification Form" submission requirement, provides the division with the following information to ensure the integrity and designated uses of receiving waters are protected:

  1. Identification and listing of all Tank and Vessel Cleaning Procedures implemented prior to the hydrostatic testing
  2. Identification and listing of all BMPs implemented including any chemical dechlorination agents.
  3. An executed declaration by the Authorized Agent and Authorizing Entity, certifying that the discharge shall not contain toxic pollutants in toxic amounts as defined under 33 USC. 1251 et seq. of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, or other pollutants which could adversely impact natural aquatic biota, or which could cause instream exceedances of applicable Federal or New Jersey Surface Water Quality Standards criteria (N.J.A.C. 7:9B-1.14 et seq.)

No application submittal to the division is necessary to utilize this permit, however, qualifying dischargers must submit the Clean Water Assurance Certification Form 14 days prior to the anticipated discharge date as specified in the general permit. For copies of the Clean Water Assurance Certification Form and/or the general permit requirements (Permit number - NJ0132993), please contact the Permit Administration Section at (609) 984-4428.


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Program Contact: Dwayne Kobesky, Bureau of Surface Water Permitting, at (609) 292-4860.



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