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Industrial Stormwater Permitting Program Individual Permits

Individual Stormwater Permits

Individual NJPDES permits are issued to facilities which cannot eliminate exposure of pollutants to stormwater. These facilities have to develop and implement Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans to gain drainage control, and to minimize or eliminate contact between pollutants and stormwater. Other permit conditions may require monitoring stormwater discharges for pollutants, and in some cases, effluent limitations may be imposed.

To find out if you are regulated, click here Industrial Stormwater Permitting Program Regulated Discharges And Regulated Facilities . For more information on the Industrial Stormwater Permitting Program, click here Permit Information Summary Sheet (PIS).

Contact: Bureau of Nonpoint Pollution Control, (609) 633-7021


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Application Forms


arrow NJPDES Form 1 (pdf, 173Kb) Application pdf
arrow Form RF-Supplemental Application Form to NJPDES Permit Application for NJPDES-DSW Permits for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity (pdf, 24Kb) Application pdf
arrow Form RF Instructions (pdf, 56Kb) Application pdf
arrow Form R - Industrial Generator (pdf, 654Kb) Application pdf
arrow Form RF Supplement-Alternative Discharge Information Form (ADI Form) (pdf, 46Kb) Application pdf
arrow Form RFS (ADI Form) Instructions (pdf, 123Kb) Application pdf
arrow Form RF Guidance-General Sampling and Reporting Guidance for PAS and ADI Forms (pdf, 32Kb) Application pdf
arrow Form RFC-Supplemental Application Form to NJPDES-1 for NJPDES-DSW Permits for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Construction Activity (pdf, 82Kb) Application pdf
arrow Form RFC Instructions (pdf, 303Kb) Guidance pdf
arrow NJPDES Category RF Checklist: Individual Industrial or Construction Stormwater Permit (pdf, 31Kb) Application pdf
Other Forms
arrow Administrative Update Application Form (pdf, 36Kb) Form pdf
arrow Generic Certification Form (pdf, 53Kb) Form pdf
arrow Transfer of Permit (pdf, 233Kb) Form pdf
arrow NJPDES Checklist for Permit Inactivation and/or Termination/Revocation (pdf, 275Kb) Form pdf
arrow Request for Revocation and Permanent No Exposure Certification Form (93 kb) Form pdf
arrow Form RF Guidance-General Sampling and Reporting Guidance for PAS and ADI Forms (pdf, 32Kb) Guidance pdf



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