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New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection  
Division of Water Quality
NJDEP Division of Water Quality
 Water Pollution Management Element
bluearrow Permit Administration Section
bluearrow Bureau of Non-Point Pollution Control
bluearrow Bureau of Pretreatment and Residuals
bluearrow Bureau of Surface Water Permitting
 Municipal Finance & Construction Element
bluearrow Bureau of Environmental and Engineering Reviews
bluearrow Bureau of Construction and Connection Permits
bluearrow Policy, Program Development and Administration Section
bluearrow Treatment Works Approval Permits
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bluearrow Clean Water Council
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New Jersey Discharger

A Newsletter About New Jersey's Water Quality Programs

State of New Jersey
Governor Chris Christie

Department of Environmental Protection
Bob Martin, Commissioner

Michele N. Siekerka, Asst. Commissioner
Water Resource Management

Michele Putnam, Director
Division of Water Quality


Articles appearing in the New Jersey Discharger may be reprinted provided source credit is given.

Contents of Volumes Available for Browsing

Volume 13

4. Spring 2006
3. Winter 2005 
2. Fall 2005
    (Not Published!)
1. Summer 2005
    (Not Published!)

Volume 12

4. Spring 2005
    (Not Published!)
3. Winter 2004 
2. Fall 2004
1. Summer 2004

Volume 11

4. Spring 2004
    (Not Published!)
3. Winter 2003
2. Fall 2003
1. Summer 2003

Volume 10

Volume 9

Volume 8

Volume 7

Volume 6

Volume 5

Volume 4

Volume 3

Volume 2

Volume 1

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