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Alternative Treatment Systems

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EPA Guidance Informaiton

Residential onsite wastewater treatment technology is advancing beyond conventional treatment. The Onsite program provides a framework for using advanced onsite wastewater treatment systems, so health departments can properly approve the use of these new types of technologies in certain applications. Information about the environmental benefits of Alternative Technology is contained in each guidance document. Since advanced wastewater treatment and disposal options are highly case-specific, the department encourages people to speak with technology vendors and manufactures and their local, authorized representatives directly.

Below are guidance documents and specifications, which regulate alternative technology. Please note that the guidance documents are split into three categories aerobic treatment, peat biofilter treatment and drip dispersal.

Generic Treatment Works Approvals

Title Type Format
bluearrow Select Fill Specifications (pdf, 141Kb) Permit pdf
bluearrow Gravel Alternative Specifications (pdf, 149Mb) Permit pdf
bluearrow Gravel Alternative Appendix 1 (pdf, 14Kb) Permit pdf
bluearrow Gravel Alternative Excel Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Excel
bluearrow Pinelands Pilot Study (pdf, 143Kb) Permit pdf
bluearrow Tire Chip Specifications (pdf, 1.2Mb) Permit pdf
bluearrow Chamber Disposal Field Specifications (pdf, 3.3Mb) Permit pdf

Manufacturers Lists

bluearrow Applicable Products That May Be Used Lieu of Laterals and Filter Material pdf
bluearrow List of Applicable Drip Tubing Manufacturers and System Integrators Guidance pdf
bluearrow List of Applicable Advanced Wastewater Pretreatment Device Manufacturers Guidance pdf

Guidance Documents

bluearrow pdf
bluearrow pdf
bluearrow pdf


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