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NJDEP Compliance and Enforcement
August 5, 2014
Online Posting of Waste Debarment List
August 5, 2014
Licensing Verification for Waste Brokers

Compliance & Enforcement plays a critical role within the DEP by deterring violations that would otherwise threaten our environment and the health of our citizens. We pursue the goal of violation deterrence in a manner that is fair and predictable in concert with partners on federal, state and local levels, ensuring that all NJ citizens and groups are protected equally and businesses are on a level playing field.

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To encourage compliance and environmental stewardship, we continue to seek innovative ways to provide incentives, information and assistance to those we regulate and to the interested public.

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To ascertain compliance, we employ site inspections and detailed reviews of reported information.

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To ensure compliance we put violators on notice, take administrative actions, levy penalties and where necessary, work cooperatively with criminal prosecutors.
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  Compliance & Enforcement Organization Chart
  Compliance & Enforcement Strategic Plan, November 2011


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nj home citizen business government services a to z departments dep home