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Compliance Advisories

All of the DEP Compliance Advisories can be found in one of the categories below:

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List of All Advisories By Issue Date
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blue arrow Hazardous Waste
blue arrow Land Use
blue arrow Pesticides
blue arrow Site Remediation
blue arrow Solid Waste
blue arrow Underground Storage Tanks
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Compliance and Enforcement has created an advisory system to help you quickly and easily recognize the intent and utility of its various outreach efforts. Each advisory will follow a common abbreviated format to outline the issue, help you determine if you are affected, describe what you can do, and how to get more information. Besides posting Compliance Advisories on the web, where possible, a target audience will be reached by distribution to various industry associations, interest groups or through direct mailings.

Enforcement Alerts - anticipated enforcement activities

Enforcement Alerts highlight areas of concern within the DEP where some change will likely result in increased observation of non-compliance and/or more strict enforcement. The change might be a new or modified rule, a shift in DEP policy, or a targeted effort to address a specific environmental issue. By heeding a Enforcement Alert, you may be able to get ahead of the change and avoid non-compliance as well as an associated potentially strict enforcement approach.

Warnings - emerging patterns of non-compliance

Compliance Advisory Warnings highlight non-compliance issues experienced by others. These problems may be common or recurring or they may be newly emerging serious problems. By heeding Compliance Advisory Warnings you can benefit from the experiences of others and avoid common mistakes. Widespread response to Warnings may prevent an issue from rising to the level of an Enforcement Alert where DEP must initiate new steps to address a problem.

Updates - incentives and compliance assistance opportunities

Compliance Advisory Updates highlight an opportunity to improve compliance on your own, reduce your liability or potentially avoid regulation altogether. Compliance Advisory Updates will list the benefits of specific incentives, initiatives, programs and tools as they become available.

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nj home citizen business government services a to z departments dep home