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Recertification Course Offerings

Current Course Offerings

All recertification courses evaluated by the PCP and are open to the public can be found using the Online Reports portal:

1. Choose the "Recertification Courses Available" report and enter a start and end date.

2. Choose one or more subject areas (Core and/or Categories). Hold down the "CTRL" key when selecting more than one subject area.

3. Click the OK button.

An applicator's current recertification credit status can be checked on the Online Reports portal by running the "Commercial Certified Pesticide Applicators - Specific Information" report.

Recertification Course Sponsors/Coordinators

If you wish to submit a course for evaluation, download the Recertification Course Application and follow the instructions.

For attendance purposes, download the Recertification Course Attendance Form and follow the instructions (see tab at bottom).. For course attendance exceeding 100 individuals, email Stephen.Bross@dep.state.nj.us for details.

Online Recertification Course Links

Pesticide applicators can obtain 2 Core units and 4 units in each Category that they are certified in over their 5 year recertification period by completing the following online courses:

Rutgers Online Learning Center
Core credits only

All Star Professional Training- 817-385-1136

Core, 7A (General & Household), 7B (Termite), 7C (Fumigation), 7E (Wood Preserving),
8B (Mosquito Control)

Kathy Roberts - KRPesterMe@gmail.com- 315-288-4954
  • Mode of Action: How Pesticides Work - 1 unit Core
  • Pesticide Poisoning - 2 units Core
  • Safe Use of Pesticides - 2 units Core
  • Pests of Ornamentals & Forest Trees in the Northeast - 2 units in 2, 3A, PP2
  • New Invasive Pests of the Northeast - 2 units in 2, 3A, PP2

Kevin Hurley - PestEd.com - khurley@pested.com- 845-687-6483

  • PP2, 3A, 3B, 3C, 5, 6B, 7A, 7B, 8B, 8D - 4 units
  • Toxicity of Pesticides - 1 unit Core
  • Ecological Concerns - 1 unit Core

Farm Press - Penton Media
Cheryl Ogle - 559-298-6070

  • Status of Herbicide Resistance in Weeds
    2 units in Core and 4 units in 3B

  • Biopesticides - Effective Use in Pest Management Programs
    4 units in 1A (Agricultural Plant) and 4 units PP2

  • The ABCs of MRLs (Maximum Residue Levels): Growing Issue for Ag Exports
    2 units in Core

  • Managing Spray Drift to Minimize Problems
    2 units in Core

  • Weed Resistance Management: Trees, Nuts
    4 units in 1A, PP2

  • Lepidopterous Pest Management
    1 unit in Core, 3 units in 1A, PP2

  • Weed Management in Orchards and Vineyards
    4 units in 1A, PP2

  • Utilizing Potassium Nitrate as a Speciality Plant Nutritional Product that Protects Against
    Disease Organisims and Plant Stresses
    4 units in 1A, 4 units in PP2

Sterile Processing - www.spdceus.com

  • Safe Use of ETO Pesticides
    4 units in Core

  • Ethylene Oxide Sterilization
    8 units in 12B (Ethylene Oxide)

Environmental Management Training Services - Online Classes
Ayanna Martin - 215-796-5318

EMTS offers online classes on a monthly basis. Call for schedule.

Continuing Education University - www.ceuschool.org
Aaron Mackie -amackie@ceuschool.org- 251-583-5972

• Ants (Imported Fire Ants)
4 units in 1A (Agricultural Plant); 3A (Ornamentals); 3B (Turf); PP2 (Private Part 2)

• Turfgrass Culture
2 units in 1A (Agricultural Plant);3B (Turf); 6B (Right of Way)

• Insects of Turfgrass
4 units - 1A (Agricultural Plant); 3B (Turf); 6B (Right of Way)

• Spiders
4 units in 3C (Interior Plantscape);  7A(General & Household); 8A (General Public Health); 8C (Campground)

• Weed ID and Herbicides
2 units in 3A (Ornamental); 3B (Turf)

• Using Insecticides in the House
2 units in 7A (General & Household)

• Turfgrass Diseases
4 units in 1A (Agricultural Plant); 3B (Turf)

•Soil, Nutrients and IPM
2 units in 1A (Agricultural Plant);3A (Ornamentals); 3B (Turf)

• A Respirator
2 units in Core

• Pesticides and the Environment
2 units in Core

• Pesticide Safety
2 units in Core

• Non-Biological Turf Problems
2 units in 1A (Agricultural Plant), 3B (Turf)

• Managing Household Pests
2 units in 7A (General & Household)

• Insecticides
2 units in 7A (General & Household)

• Mosquitoes
4 units in 8B (Mosquitoes)

• Insects
2 units in 7A (General & Household)

• Turfgrass Species
4 units in 1A (Agricultural Plant); 3B (Turf)

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