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2000 Hunting Issue of the Fish and Wildlife DIGEST

The 2000 Hunting Issue of the Fish and Wildlife DIGEST is available on-line in .pdf format. For your convenience it has been broken into four separate sections, and the file size of each is provided so you can estimate download time. The printable .pdf files are viewable with the Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free from Adobe's Web site.

Pages 1 - 16. Contains: Director's Message, Table of Contents, Disabled Vet License info, License Fees, Highlights of Changes in Regulations, Safety Zone info, General Hunting Regulations, Summary of Hunting and Trapping Laws, Youth Hunt info, Migratory Bird Regulations, Small Game Seasons and Hunting Regulations and Summary Table, Trapping Season and Regulations, Wild Places and Open Spaces Map info and advertisements. (1.5mb)

Pages 17 - 33. Contains: Black Bear Regulations (hunt cancelled), Turkey Seasons info, Deer Hunting Regulations, Earn-A-Buck info, Deer Season Outlook and Harvest Summaries, BOW Workshop info, Check Station List, Deer Management Zone Map and advertisements. (1.4mb)

Pages 34 - 49. Contains: Check Station List cont., Outstanding Deer Program info, Waterfowl Stamp Program info, Deer Season Dates and Bag Limits by DMZ Table, WMA Regulations, Permit Lottery and Quota Table, Hunter Education info, Public Deer Hunting Land and advertisements. (870k)

Pages 50 - 64. Contains: Deer Permit Appication Instructions and Form, Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease info, Sunrise/Sunset Table, HUNT SMART Courtesy Card, "Hunters Helping the Hungry" info and advertisements. (2.0mb)

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