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NJ Fishing and Hunting License and Permit Information


Permit Information for Deer, Bear, Turkey, Fox, Coyote, and Beaver/Otter

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The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife issues licenses, stamps and permits for hunting, fishing and trapping. The first license, a non-resident hunting license for $10.50, was introduced in 1902. The first resident hunting license was required in 1909, hunting license at a cost of $1.15. In 1915 the first fishing license was required, enabling law enforcement to be adequately funded.

Today the revenues derived from these sales support, in whole or in part, the operations of the agency. This work includes the operation of two fish hatcheries and associated stocking programs, a pheasant farm, enforcement of fish and wildlife regulations, habitat protection, fish and wildlife research, wildlife management area maintenance and improvement, education, and other programs and activities. The number of licenses sold also figures in the amount of federal grants money the state receives from the federal Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration Programs.

This page contains general information about NJ Fishing and Hunting Licenses, links to pages with more specific information on those licenses, and links to pages with information on other wildlife-related permits issued by the Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Link to License Website

Speed Your Transaction by Having Your Customer Record (CID#) Up to Date

NOTE: Anyone needing assistance using the license Web site should e-mail or call 908-637-4125 ext. 0.
New Jersey uses the Integrated Electronic Licensing System to issue fishing and hunting licenses and permits. The system is used by license agents and can be used by individuals from any computer with Internet access. The system maintains a database with a "customer profile" for each individual obtaining a license or permit.

Purchasers of hunting and fishing licenses and permits have their profile identified by a lifetime Conservation Identification Number (CID#). This unique number appears on all licenses, permits and stamps. A customer record and CID# is established on the license Web site, or at an agent the first time a person purchases a license. (See CID information below.)

Some licenses and permits, such as Freshwater Fishing Licenses or Horseback Riding Permits, can be purchased and printed using a home computer system. A NJ Driver License is required for resident licenses purchased online.

Hunting and trapping licenses and permits which require proof of a previous year's resident license or hunter education course need to be purchased at an agent if a record of such documentation is not in the system's database. Nonresidents ONLY may use the Nonresident License Documentation Form to "unlock" hunting and trapping licenses for purchases of hunting and trapping licenses.

Once documentation of a previous year's hunting license or hunter education is entered in the system by an agent or use of the Nonresident License Documentation Form (nonresidents ONLY), or via a recent hunter education class, all purchases can be made online if desired. Licenses purchased at an agent or mailed are printed on durable, waterproof stock. Licenses that are mailed have shipping and convenience fees added.

All NJ fishing and hunting licenses expire on December 31 regardless of when purchased. Deer permits for zones where the season extends into the next calendar year remain valid, but a current year's license is required.


  • Current Permit Availability
  • Duplicate License Information
  • Duplicate Hunter Education Cards
  • Hunter Education Program
  • Disabled Veteran Licenses
  • License Agents
  • License Application Forms
  • Freshwater Fisheries Permits
  • Marine Licenses and Permits
  • Farmer Permit Information
  • Permits for Hunters with Disabling Conditions
  • Scientific Collecting Permits
  • License Sales Data

    Information on permits for various hunting or trapping seasons (deer, turkey, coyote, beaver, etc.), and other related permits, is available on the Hunting page.

    NJ Child Support Certification Information

    License purchasers are required to complete the NJ Child Support Certification each year. Certification can be accomplished on the Online License Web Site before visiting a license agent (recommended), or it will be completed at an agent location if necessary. (Those purchasing a NJ license or permit on-line will automatically be brought to the certification page.)

    Child Support Certification expires on December 31 and must be renewed each year after January 1. See the NJ Child Support Certification page for more information.

    Creating a Customer Record and Conservation Identifcation (CID) Number

    The electronic license system identifies customers by a lifetime Conservation Identification Number (CID#). This number will be used on all licenses and permits. The first time you visit the license Web site you will be asked for identifying information to establish a record (profile) and CID#. This can be done from a home computer system. Licenses or permits not requiring hunter education or a previous year's license/permit can then be purchased from your home system. It is also recommended you establish a record and receive your CID# before going to an agent for any license or permit purchases.

    To purchase a hunting or trapping license, or rifle permit, an agent must verify you have a previous year's license/permit or have completed the appropriate hunter education course. The agent will then enter the information into the database. Nonresidents ONLY may use the Non-resident License Documentation Form.

    General Fishing and Hunting License Information

    Information regarding crabbing, clamming and commercial marine licenses and permits is found on the Marine Licenses and Permits page.

    Resident Licenses
    It is unlawful for any person to obtain a resident license unless they have actually lived in this state for 6 months immediately prior to the time of application.

    Licenses for Active Service Personnel
    A person who is on active duty in the armed services of the United States is entitled to fish, hunt or trap with a resident license. Licenses must be obtained at an agent location.

    Licenses for National Guard Members
    Eligible NJ National Guard personnel are entitled to free licenses, permits and stamps. Further information can be obtained by e-mailing MSG (Ret.) Robert Greco at or writing to: NJ Department of Military/Veteran Affairs, 101 Eggert Crossing Rd., Lawrenceville, NJ 08648, or call 609-530-6866.

    Licenses for Disabled Veterans
    Free hunting licenses, stamps and permits are available for resident veterans with a service-connected disability. Documentation of currently receiving benefits for a service connected disability and honorable discharge must be presented to obtain a free license. See the Disabled Veteran License Information page for more details.


    Anyone age 16 and above must have a valid license to fish the fresh waters of New Jersey with a handline, rod and line or bow and arrow. This includes privately owned lakes and other waters. For more information, including exceptions, see the Fishing License Information page. There are also Freshwater Fisheries Permits for such things as stocking private ponds.


    All persons hunting must be properly licensed. A trapping license is required for any person age 12 or older and a Trapper Education course must be passed to lawfully trap. Licenses must be openly displayed in the middle of the back on outer clothing. For more information see the Hunting License Information page.

    Fishing and hunting regulation information is found on the Regulations page. Questions regarding regulations or license requirements should be directed to a division law enforcement office.


    Marine license information is found on the Marine License Information page.

    Note that a clamming license is now called a Shellfish License and is required for harvesting of all species of benthic mollusks (with the exception of conchs, which are addressed in the commercial marine fisheries regulations), including, but not limited to, hard and soft clams, surf clams, oysters, bay scallops and mussels. See the Shellfish License information section of the Marine License Information page for details.

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