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Interactive Mapping

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Available Applications
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NJDEPs “next generation” environmental mapping tool that can provide information about your community, county, or state (NJ). NJ-GeoWeb will assist users with becoming more engaged in decision-making about environmental issues in their communities. Feb 2012: 10 new layers.


i-MapNJ DEP is being retired Oct/Nov 2014.

i-MapNJ DEP provides NJDEP's Geographic Information System (GIS) environmental data. Critical Environmental and Historic Sites layer has been added, Pinelands Management Areas and 7 other layers have been updated in the Oct/Nov 2008 release.


i-MapNJ Geology has been retired.

Please use the Geology profile in NJ-GeoWeb for the latest geology related data layers including New Jersey's bedrock and surficial geology, aquifers, groundwater recharge areas, wellhead protection areas, earthquake epicenters, abandoned mines and more.

Go to the NJ-GeoWeb splash page for more information on all the available profiles.

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