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Division of Land Use Regulation
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

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Maps and Guidance Documents

  • General
  • Freshwater
  • Mitigation
  • Streams/Rivers
    & Flood Hazard
  • Coastal
  • Tidelands

General Land Use Maps and Guidance

Description Updated File
Technical Manual for Evaluating Wildlife Impacts of Wind Turbines Requiring Coastal Permits 9/10/2010 cp_013
Guidance for Appropriate Shoreline Protection and/or Storm Damage Reduction Measures for a Site 4/2013 lur_031.pdf

Freshwater Wetlands

Maps and Guidance Documents Updated File Name Format
Attachment A - Model Letter:Notice to Neighboring Landowners 5/20/11 fw_008
Attachment B - Model Newspaper Advertisement 10/6/08 fw_009
Attachment C - Known Locations of Swamp Pink in NJ 5/2011 fw_010
Attachment D - Known Locations of Bog Turtles in NJ 5/2011 fw_011
Attachment E - Hardship Transition Area Waiver 10/6/08 fw_012
Attachment F- Organizations to be contacted for the sale of property 10/6/08 fw_013
Vernal Habitat Protocol 5/12/02 fw_014
Vernal Habitat Data Sheet 11/14/01 fw_015
Protocols for the Establishment of Exceptional Resource Value Wetlands Based on Endangered or Threatened Species Documentation 02/2013 fw_016
EPA: Priority Wetlands for the State of New Jersey 03/1994 fw_017


Document: Description Updated File Name Format
Regionalized Water-Budget Manual for Compensatory Wetland Mitigation Sites in New Jersey 07/22/08 mit_011
USACE/NJDEP Joint Conservation Restriction - Routine 11/05/08 mit_012
USACE/NJDEP Joint Conservation Restriction - Non-Routine/Mitigation Banks 11/05/08 mit_013
Wetland Mitigation Project Completion of Construction Form 04/02/03 mit_014
Wetlands Mitigation Area Model Deed/Conservation Restriction 04/2006 mit_015
Approved Mitigation Banks 06/2/14 mit_016

Streams/Rivers & Flood Hazard

Document: Description Updated File Name Format
Stream Cleaning Guidelines 5/1/2012 fh_012
Draft Technical Manual - DRAFT* 12/2008 fh_008
List Of Threatened and Endangered Species that are Critically Dependent on Regulated Waters for Survival 5/15/08 fh_009

*This technical manual does not provide guidance for the January 24, 2013 Adopted Emergency Amendments to the Flood Hazard Area Control Act rules.

Coastal Permitting

General Documents / Shellfish Maps / Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Maps

General Document - Description Updated File Name Format
CAFRA: A Guide for Single Family & Duplex Homeowners 5/2002 cp_007
Technical Manual for Evaluating Wildlife Impacts of Wind Turbines Requiring Coastal Permits 9/10/2010 cp_013
Permit by Rule: A Guide for Single Family/Duplex Homeowners &amp Construction Code Officials 12/2000 cp_008
Guidance for Appropriate Shoreline Protection and/or Storm Damage Reduction Measures for a Site 4/2013 lur_031
NJ Wetlands Order Basis And Background 1972 cp_015
Figures 7 & 8 ( Coastal Bluffs) from CZM Rule   cp_016
Shellfish Map - Description Updated File Name Format
Little Egg Harbor to Longport 1963 map_001
Manasquan Inlet to Little Egg Harbor 1963 map_002
Longport to Cape May 1963 map_003
Shrewsbury River to Long Branch 1963 map_004
Long Branch to Manasquan Inlet 1963 map_005
Little Egg Harbor Bay - Hard Clam 2001 map_006
Raritan and Sandy Hook Bay - Hard Clam 2000 map_007
Perth Amboy to Sandy Hook--Hard Clam 1983 map_008
Perth Amboy to Sandy Hook--Mussels/Oysters 1983 map_009
Perth Amboy to Sandy Hook--Surf and Soft Clams 1983 map_010
Neptune City/Shark River Hills--Hard Clam 1984 map_011
Navesink and Shrewsbury Rivers--Soft Clam and Oyster Beds 1983 map_012
Navesink and Shrewsbury Rivers--Hard Clam Density 1983 map_013
Shark River--Mussel Beds 1984 map_014
Manasquan and Metedeconk Rivers--Hard Clam Density 1984 map_015
Manasquan and Metedeconk Rivers--Soft Clam and Blue Mussel Beds 1984 map_016
Mantoloking to Toms River--Soft Clam and Hard Clam 1986 map_017
Bayville to Oyster Creek--Soft Clam and Hard Clam 1986 map_018
Little Egg Harbor Bay 1987 map_019
Waretown to Stafford--Soft Clam and Hard Clam 1986 map_020
Little Egg Inlet to Mullica River--Hard Clam Density 1988 map_021
Mullica River--Shell and Oyster Beds 1984 map_022
Great Egg Harbor River--Shellfish and Oysters 1984 map_023

Tidelands Program

Tidelaand Resource Council (TRC) Resolutions/Policies Updated File Name
Homes over Water Conveyances (Adopted 12/1/10) 2/17/2011 TD_007
Upland Property Valuation - - Commercial/Industrial and Residential Upland Licenses (Adopted 12/1/10) 2/17/2011 TD_002
Boat Club Resolution (Adopted 11/03/10) 2/17/2011 TD_001
Bridge Policy (Adopted 11/3/10) 2/17/2011 TD_004
Condominium Policy (Adopted 11/3/10) 2/17/2011 TD_003
Grant Re-consideration Policy (Adopted 11/03/10) 2/17/2011 TD_006
Residential Licenses - Water Structures only (Adopted 11/03/10) 2/17/2011 TD_011
Utility or Utility Related Projects (Adopted 10/06/10) 2/17/2011 TD_012
Special Council Resolutions Adopted (Adopted 6/2/10)
- Good Faith Discount
- Council License Approval
- Elimination of One Way Fee Adjustment for Licenses/Leases
2/17/2011 TD_008
Aquaculture License Fee Policy (Adopted 3/3/10) 2/17/2011 TD_009
Resolution Concerning Marina Policy (Adopted 3/3/10) 2/17/2011 TD_010
Resolution: Revised Outfall Policy (Adopted 4/4/13) 4/4/2013 TD_030

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