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NRI — Ground Water


Ground water is both an environmentally sensitive resource and a potential pathway to other natural resources such as surface water and wetlands. Approximately 50 % of the State’s 8.5 million residents utilize ground water as a drinking water source. It is also important for agricultural and industrial uses. The NJDEP considers ground water to be injured when contaminants are above NJ Ground Water Quality Standards.

Ground water injuries should be characterized during the remedial investigation process. This process must delineate the horizontal and vertical extent of contaminants in all media at the site and determine the general surface and subsurface characteristics of the site, and the depth of ground water (see N.J.A.C. 7:26E). Once characterization information is complete, it is used in the ground water injury calculation to determine resource value.

The ground water injury calculation establishes the relative magnitude of the restoration necessary to compensate for the injury. Once this value is calculated, the Department enters into settlement discussions with the responsible party to identify an appropriate restoration project.

The Department has a strong preference that the responsible party implements a project to restore injured natural resources. For ground water this is usually property acquisition to preserve aquifer recharge. However, the responsible party has the option to provide monetary damage damages (based on the result of the injury calculation) in lieu of implementing a restoration project. The Department is obligated to utilize these funds to implement appropriate restoration projects by maintaining a nexus to the ground water injury. These damage monies may be used to fund property acquisitions or other open space projects. ONRR will often partner with the expertise of the Green Acres Program to accomplish acquisition of open space occuring in the same aquifer or watershed as the injury.

Ground Water Injury Calculation Data

Use the links below to get information on how to run the ground water injury calculation:

  Ground Water Injury Calculation gw_injury_calc_200305.pdf (51 KB)
  Water Rate Table 2002water_rate.pdf (8 Kb)
  Planning Area Map plan_area_map.pdf (141 Kb)

GIS Data:


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