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Pollution Reduction Opportunity Evaluations (PROE)

The Office of Pollution Prevention and Right to Know has outlined a new initiative called Pollution Reduction Opportunity Evaluations (PROE). PROE focuses on promoting Pollution Prevention (P2) concepts through fact-sheet reports, which highlight successful P2 stories and provide suggestions on other P2 methods and opportunities. These PROE reports are tools to educate permit writers, enforcement officers, and the regulated community about the alternative methods available to reduce or eliminate releases to the environment.

The steps in developing PROE reports include targeting industry sectors that have existing successful source reduction strategies, analyzing the Departmentís data to determine facilities that reduced emissions or non-product output (NPO), and conducting site visits to determine how and why the reduction took place.

PROE reports are designed to include a description of the targeted sectors, information on how to identify pollution reduction opportunities, site-specific examples of successful pollution reduction strategies, information to determine if P2 is feasible, and the benefits of implementing the P2 method.