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Radiation Protection and Release Prevention
New Jersey Radiation Protection Rules & Regulations

New Jersey Administrative Code Title 7 Chapter 28  /  New Jersey Statutes, the Radiation Protection Act

Please note that the web page copy of  N.J.A.C. 7:28 is provided as a public service and is not an official copy.  The official version of N.J.A.C. 7:28 and the Radiation Protection Act can be obtained through the LexisNexis ® bookstore  (Phone: (800) 223-1940) To find out more, go to How To Get a Copy of Departmental Rules.

New Jersey Administrative Code, N.J.A.C. 7:28
Radiation Protection Programs


* Chapter 28 is presently undergoing a major revision.
Both the organization and the substance of the chapter are expected to change.

Subchapter 1: General Provisions (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 2: Use of Sources of Ionizing Radiation and Special Exemptions (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 3: Registration of Ionizing Radiation-Producing Machines; (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 4: Licensing of Naturally Occurring and Accelerator Produced Radioactive Materials; (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 5: Controlled Areas (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 6: Permissible Dose Rates, Radiation Levels and Concentrations (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 7: Radiation Surveys and Personnel Monitoring; (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 8: Records; (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 9: Radioactive Contamination Control; (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 10: Labeling, Posting, and Controls; (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 11: Disposal of Radioactive Materials; (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 12:
Soil Remediation Standards for Radioactive Materials; (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 13: Reports of Thefts and Radiation Incidents; (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 14: Therapeutic Installations; (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 15: Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Installations; (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 16: Dental Radiographic Installations; (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 17: Industrial and Nonmedical Radiography; (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 18: Major Nuclear Facilities; (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 19: Medical Exposure to Ionizing Radiation by Radiologic Technologists; (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 20: Particle Accelerators for Industrial and Research Use ; (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 21: Analytical X-Ray Installations; (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 22: Quality Assurance Programs for Medical Diagnostic X-ray Installations ; (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 23: (Reserved);
Subchapter 24: Nuclear Medicine Technology; (Also available for Download)
Subchapter 25: Radiation Laboratory Fee Schedule (Available for Download Only)
Subchapter 26: (Reserved)
Subchapter 27: Certification of Radon Testers and Mtigators (Also available for Download)
Subchapter 28: Through 40. (Reserved)
Subchapter 41: Mercury Vapor Lamps (Also available for Download)
Subchapter 42: Radiofrequency Radiation (Also available for Download)
Subchapter 43 Through 47. (Reserved)
Subchapter 48: Fees for the Registration of Nonionizing Radiation Producing Sources (Also available for Download)

N.J.S.A. 26:2D et seq.
Below is a copy of the table of contents for N.J.S.A 26:2D et seq.;
The full version is available for Download.


26:2D-1. Short title.
26:2D-2. Definitions.
26:2D-3. Creation of commission.
26:2D-4. Term of commissioner; vacancies.
26:2D-5. Compensation of commissioners.
26:2D-6. Organization of commission; chairman; quorum.
26:2D-7. Promulgation of codes, rules or regulations.
26:2D-8. Review of policies and program of department.
26:2D-9. Duties of department.
26:2D-9.1. Agreements with federal government; assumption of regulatory authority by state.
26:2D-9.2. Agreements with federal government or other states or agencies; performance of functions on co-operative basis.
26:2D-10. Prevention of exposure unnecessary radiation.
26:2D-11. Repealed.
26:2D-11.1. Embargo of articles with radiation hazards; tagging; prohibition of use, sale of disposal, or impoundment; disposal or return; conditions
26:2D-11.2. Embargo; hearing; stay; conditions.
26:2D-11.3. Repealed.
26:2D-12. Emergency orders; hearing
26:2D-13. Actions to prevent violations; injunctions; penalties.
26:2D-14. Service of notice.
26:2D-15. Existing remedies not impaired.
26:2D-16. Review.
26:2D-17. Approval of local regulations.
26:2D-18. Radioactive materials; transportation or storage of detention pending transit; certificate of handling
26:2D-19. Submission of information and issuance of certificate.
26:2D-20. Discharge or threat of discharge of radioactivity; prevention of abatement; recovery of costs.
26:2D-21. Rules and regulations.
26:2D-22. Violations; penalties; crime of fourth degree; enforcement.
26:2D-23. Obstruction, hindrance, delay or interference of personnel of department in ;;; performance of duties.
26:2D-23.1. Radioactive materials prohibited from transportation or storage in transit.
26:2D-23.2. Designation or definition of additional categories or subcategories.
26:2D-23.3. Certificates of handling.
26:2D-23.4. Violations; penalties


26:2D-24. Legislative findings and declarations.
26:2D-25. Short title.
26:2D-26. Definitions
26:2D-27. Necessity of license; title or letter designation of licensed technologists; limitation on practice; exemptions.
26:2D-28. Radiologic technology board of examiners.
26:2D-29. Application for license; fee; qualifications; programs of diagnostic or radiation therapy.
26:2D-30. Programs; diagnostic x-ray and radiation therapy technology; criteria and standards for certain programs of radiography; institutions authorized to offer ; approved programs. 26:2D-31. License examination; in lieu certificate, registration or license.
26:2D-32. Licenses; issuance; limited and temporary licenses; display.
26:2D-33. Licenses; renewal; duration; fee; radiologic technologist; renewal within 5 years; existing certificates; CXT certification; limited certificate.
26:2D-34. Suspension, revocation, censure or other discipline.
26:2D-35. Employment of unlicensed radiologic technologist.
26:2D-36. Violations; sanctions.


26:2D-37. Short title.
26:2D-38. Legislative findings and determinations.
26:2D-39. Definitions.
26:2D-40. State radiation emergency response plan; preparation and adoption; revision and update.
26:2D-41. Municipality with nuclear facilities or designation as affected municipality; local radiation emergency response plan.
26:2D-42. County emergency response plans.
26:2D-43. Powers and duties of department.
26:2D-44. Powers and duties of division.
26:2D-45. Duties of department of health.
26:2D-46. Duties of department of transportation.
26:2D-47. Duties of department of energy.
26:2D-48. Assessment against operator of nuclear electric generating facility; levy and payment.
26:2D-49. Objections; hearing.
26:2D-50. Determination by state treasurer; amended, invalid or valid statement.
26:2D-51. Prohibition of action to restrain or delay payment; refund after payment.
26:2D-52. Failure to pay or file objections.
26:2D-53. Rules and regulations.
26:2D-54. Inspection of buildings and places.
26:2D-55. Continuance and expiration of existing state radiation emergency plan.
26:2D-56. Severability.
26:2D-57. Violations; penalty; injunction.
26:2D-58. Advice of Governor's advisory council for emergency services.
26:2D-59. Radon gas and radon progeny; study.
26:2D-60. Study of cancer and the presence of radon gas and radon progeny; registry of persons at risk of radiogenic lung cancer.
26:2D-61. Confirmatory monitoring.
26:2D-62. Public information and education program.


26:2D-70. Certification of radon testers; establishment of program.
26:2D-71. Certification of persons who mitigate and safeguard building; from presence of radon.
26:2D-72. Necessity for certification; exemptions.
26:2D-73. Disclosure of address or owner of treated nonpublic building; prohibition; written waiver; exemptions; sale of building.
26:2D-74. Report of name of owner and address of treated building to state.
26:2D-75. Fee schedule for certification programs.
26:2D-76. Rules and regulations.
26:2D-77. Violations; penalty.
26:2D-78. Data on health and on treatment of buildings not public records; destruction of information.
26:2D-79. Employees with specialized scientific training.
26:2D-80. Agreements with public or private agency to test at sites of construction of residential dwellings.



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