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Radiation Protection and Release Prevention
Tel. (609) 984-5636   Fax (609) 633-2210   
Paul Orlando, Assistant Director
Staff: Betty Sigafoos     email:

Due to a collection of email addresses posted on web sites by a bulk mailing company, we have removed all direct links for the staff E-mail addresses below.

Bureau of X-Ray Compliance | Bureau of Environmental Radiation | Bureau of Nuclear Engineering
Bureau of Release Prevention
Bureau of X-Ray Compliance (609) 984-5634
Chief: Arthur Robinson
Enforcement/IT Section (609) 984-5359
Staff: Jennifer Daino
Machine Source Section (609) 984-5370
Acting Supervisor: William Klimik
Staff: Patty Malloy
  Nathan Papperman
  Darrell Washington
Mammography/Support Section (609) 984-5370
Supervisor: Ramona Chambus
Staff: James Cade
Thomas Harhay
  Mary Lazarides
  Michael McCary
  Mark Sciranka
  Lisa Skorupa
Technologist Licensing and Machine Registration Sections (609) 984-5890
Supervisor: Al Orlandi
Staff: Christine Gares
Doris Heffner

Bureau of Environmental Radiation (609) 984-5400
Acting Chief: Jenny Goodman
Staff: Janice Baumann
Radioactive Materials Program
Medical Section (609) 984-5462
Acting Supervisor: Rich Peros
Staff: Karen Flanigan
Jodi Murl
Nancy Stanley
Ed Truskowski
Deborah Riggs Wenke
Industrial and Decommissioning 609)984-5557
Acting Supervisor: Cathy Biel
Staff: James McCullough
Joseph Power
Sarah Staab
Jack Tway
Emelia Taubel
Radon Section (609) 984-5425
Supervisor: Anita Kopera
Charles Renaud
Herb Roy
Shantha Shashidahara
Maxine Williams

Bureau of Nuclear Engineering (609) 984-7700
Chief: Patrick Mulligan
Staff: Phyllis Nelson
Nuclear Environmental Engineering Section (609) 984-7443
Supervisor: Karen Tuccillo
Staff: Compton Alleyne
Paul Schwartz
Jay Vouglitois
Nuclear Engineering Section (609) 984-7440
Supervisor: Richard Pinney
Staff: Jerry Humphreys
Elliot Rosenfeld
Ron Zak
Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Section
Supervisor: Ann Pfaff
Staff: Sahar Azmat
Chris Barry
Veena Gubbi
Atul Vaid

Bureau of Release Prevention (609) 633-0610
Chief: Iclal Atay, Ph.D.
Staff: Debbie Patrick
Discharge Prevention Engineering Review Section
Section Chief: Beth Reddy, C.H.M.M., C.P.M
Staff: Audrey Dorofy, C.P.M.
Chris Lucien
Philip Polios, C.H.M.M.
Daniel Rodriguez
Roy Soong, C.H.M.M.
Discharge Prevention Field Verification Section
Staff: Sunday Ogunsola
Gary Sobin
TCPA Risk Assessment Section
Section Chief: Paul Komosinsky
Staff: David Dovedytis
Alfred Drabnis, P.E.
Victor Kuzmicz
John Notta
Jitesh Patel
Raquel Ruiz
TCPA Technical Support Section
Staff: Mira Desai
Sanjeev Sharma

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