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EE Week Activity Sampler

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Share and Promote What You Are Doing in Environmental Education
Be Part of New Jersey Environmental Education Week 2015!

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Your activity does not need to be open to the public for inclussion in this sampler.

DATE: Wednesday, April 22, 2015
TIME(S): 12 pm - 2 pm
LOCATION: 50 Lackawanna Ave., Parsippany, NJ 07054
DESCRIPTION: Earth Friendly Products Grand Opening - by invitation only
WHAT IS BEING DONE: Jackson Forestry Center Educational Program "Seeds to Trees"
DATE/TIME: Wednesday, April 22, 2015 2:30-4:00
BY WHOM: Grades 6-8 from McAuliffe Middle School in Jackson, 45 students
PURPOSE OF ACTIVITY/EVENT: At the NJ Forest Nursery students experience the work involved in the collecting, sorting, processing, and germinating of seeds. The nursery produces more than 300,000 tree seedlings yearly. The group tours the greenhouse, nursery fields, and orchards. A hayride may be included, weather permit.
CONTACT PERSON: Brittany Kurinsky
PHONE: 732-833-4701
DATE: Thursday, April 23, 2015
TITLE OF EVENT: ECO Day: Education and Service Learning Projects
COUNTY: Gloucester
TIME(S): 8:30-2:30
LOCATION: 561 Clayton Road
AUDIENCE: Middle School students, parents, teachers
CONTACT: Janet Mead
DESCRIPTION: Students,teachers, parents will host NJDEP Commissioner Bob Martin for a full day of Environmental Career Presentations and outdoor activities including a retention pond clean-up, nature hike to ID invasive species, watershed macro-invertebrate monitoring, install rain garden, install monarch garden, and much more. Guests include South Jersey Land and Water Trust, NJDEP, Clean Communities, NJ Audubon, AmeriCorps Watershed Ambassadors.
PHONE#: 856-629-7444
WHAT IS BEING DONE: A Celebration of Trees!
DATE/TIME: Friday, April 24, 2015 at 1:00pm.
BY WHOM: Fourth grade student representatives of Dorchester School in Woodcliff Lake, Shade Tree Commission, Woodcliff Lake town officials
PURPOSE OF ACTIVITY/EVENT: Arbor Day ceremony; including proclamations and the planting of a maple tree sapling. This will be followed by student presentations in the school's newly refurbished Tech Lab.
COUNTY: Bergen
CONTACT PERSON: Roberta Laureni
PHONE: 201.930.5600 x160
WHAT IS BEING DONE: Raritan Headwaters Association's WaterWays Program conducts a series of classroom-based science lessons with partnering schools and then takes students outdoors to study the water in a nearby stream or river. The program fosters students' appreciation for the natural world from the tiniest "bug" that lives in the bottom of their neighborhood stream to the larger ecosystem supported by the watershed in which they live.
DATE/TIME: Spring Semester (April-June)
BY WHOM: Students in grades 3 through 12
PURPOSE OF ACTIVITY/EVENT: Connecting children to the natural world, the program provides students with the tangible and personal experience of discovering "hidden" aquatic life while conducting in-field observations and experiments, the results of which can be used to form a hypothesis in a real life science project directly related to the community in which they live.
COUNTY: Somerset
CONTACT PERSON: Lauren Theis, RHA's Director of Stewardship and Education, 2121 Larger Cross Rd, Bedminster, NJ 07921
PHONE: 908-234-1852 x314
WHAT IS BEING DONE: A presentation will be given by a volunteer of the Delaware Highlands Conservancy. They will discuss environmental issues, concentrating on the successful increase in the eagle population. Many of our students hike, kayak, hunt, and enjoy our great outdoors without knowing about the cooperation of landowners, communities, and environmental organizations in preserving the river.
DATE/TIME: April 22, 2015 from roughly 8:30 am to 10 am
BY WHOM: About 50 high school students will be attending.
PURPOSE OF ACTIVITY/EVENT: Encourage students to appreciate the outdoors and possibly volunteer to help preserve our environment.
COUNTY: Sussex
CONTACT PERSON: Mary Rapuano, PhD and Craig Harlacher Sussex County Technical School, 105 North Church Rd., Sparta, NJ 07871
PHONE: 973-383-6700
WHAT IS BEING DONE: Growing Garden: Exploring Environmental Sciences through gardening. Participants examine various plants and foods that are cultivated and grown in gardens.
DATE/TIME: 1pm to 5pm
BY WHOM: All ages, 200 particpants
PURPOSE OF ACTIVITY/EVENT: Participants learn how nature takes care of us if we take care of nature.
CONTACT PERSON: Roneasha Bell, 600 Broad Street, Newark, NJ 07102
PHONE: 973-624-8900
WHAT IS BEING DONE: In support of our school's sustainability efforts, students will be introduced to green roof gardening as a strategy to combat urban heat islands. During Earth week foundational information will be provided through recent publications, video and web activities. This knowledge will support an extended STEM lab where students design and build model structures with traditional and green roofs. They will measure temperature variations (heat and cold) outside and within the structures as well as water runoff.
DATE/TIME: Introductory lesson week of 4/19 (1 day) Green Roof Garden lab - week of 6/1 (5 days)
BY WHOM: Grade 8 - 75 students; 13-14 year olds
PURPOSE OF ACTIVITY/EVENT: This activity is a culmination of learning from the year including:
- Cellular Energy
- Citizenship & Sustainability
- Engineering Design
- Disciplined Literacy - reading and comprehending complex texts
- Collaborative Learning through teams
COUNTY: Middlesex
CONTACT PERSON: Lois Kraus, Science Teacher, Joyce Kilmer School, 21 West Church St., Milltown, NJ 08850
PHONE: 732-214-2370
WHAT IS BEING DONE: In April-May, Rutgers Gardens will provide a variety of educational programs to local students. Groups from preschool through middle school will explore the gardens, learn about healthy eating and parts of a plant, pot and take home seedlings, learn about the greenhouse and plant care, experience plants with various senses, and participate in family and youth garden clubs. One high school class will learn about homeostasis of plants, plant diversity, habitats, and ecosystems here in the Gardens. For further details on our programs, please visit our website. To plan an activity for your group or family, please contact us.
DATE/TIME: By appointment
BY WHOM: From small to large groups of students, preschool through high school, and families.
PURPOSE OF ACTIVITY/EVENT: We aim to provide opportunities for children to learn about our natural world through explorations in our designed gardens and natural landscapes. Through our focus on plants, plant habitats and food, we cultivate a love of nature to encourage children to become stewards of a healthful, sustainable planet.
COUNTY: Middlesex
CONTACT PERSON: Debbie Henry, Public Education Coordinator Rutgers Gardens
PHONE: 732-932-8451
WHAT IS BEING DONE:Students worked in collaborative groups to design and build bird feeders.
DATE/TIME:April 13, 2015
BY WHOM:14 third grade students
PURPOSE OF ACTIVITY/EVENT:To design and build bird feeders that attract local birds to the school's outdoor learning center. This STEM activity also focused on science content, such as adaptations and needs of living things.
CONTACT PERSON:Laura Gallagher
WHAT IS BEING DONE: 1. They will read a story on the History of Earth day.
2. They will answer questions on the story.
3. They will answer an open-ended question: What signs do you see where you live of the environment being harmed?
4. They will write letters to the mayor and town council citing these areas and offering a suggestion as to how the community can come together to stop or at least slow down the damage.
DATE/TIME: Week of 4/19
BY WHOM: Grades 6-7, 160 students
PURPOSE OF ACTIVITY/EVENT: To increase awareness and appreciation for our environment.
COUNTY: Middlesex
CONTACT PERSON: Terri Linck, Joyce Kilmer School, 21 West Church Street, Milltown, NJ 08850
PHONE: 732-214-2370
WHAT IS BEING DONE: Take a voyage of fun and learning featuring environmental science and history. See for yourself "America's First Great Invention" - the steamboat. A variety of hands-on learning topics are explored during the trip and include: watersheds, macroinvertebrates, and river chemistry. See where Washington crossed the river to New Hope, the last shad fishery on the non-tidal part of the Delaware, and see where rafts ferried settlers, horses and wagons and where canal boats crossed attached to a cable. Wildlife flourishes here. Today the scenic Delaware River is a recreational haven for many, and provides drinking water for 17 million people. Every SPLASH trip includes a healthy dose of learning, touring, and a good time.
DATE/TIME: season kicks off beginning April 25-26 (ShadFest) noon-5pm
BY WHOM: students, scouts, camps, families, and individuals (school trip students in 3rd grade or older)
PURPOSE OF ACTIVITY/EVENT: SPLASH - Student Participation in Learning Aquatic Science & History. Enjoy a steamboat ride on the Delaware River and see for yourself "America's First Great Invention." Hands-on learning topics include: watersheds, macroinvertebrates, river chemistry, and environmental history of the Delaware River. There's also a chance to spot wildlife such as a bald eagle, cormorants, water snakes, or blue herons!
COUNTY: Hunterdon
PHONE: (609) 542-0311