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Make a splash in your class this year with Project WET!

The most important element for human life on Earth is water. In today's society, water is often taken for granted. Project WET will provide you with the necessary tools, resources and lessons to help teach our future leaders about the importance and value of water in every day life. The awareness of, and respect for water resources begins with you, our teachers!

Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide is a collection of more than 90 science-based, interdisciplinary activities and lesson plans that are teacher-tested and classroom ready for K-12 students. Designed with a commitment to meeting educational standards, Project WET activities cover diverse topics and disciplines. Choose from activities such as "The Incredible Journey," "Pass the Jug," "Macro-invertebrate Mayhem," for lessons that are sure to pique student learning. This guide is only available to educators who participate in a six-hour Project WET Workshop. The NJ Project WET Program has developed an amazing array of supplemental materials that focus specifically on New Jersey's water resources. The lessons in the guide are correlated to the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards.

The Conserve Water Educators Guide, was developed especially for teachers of students in grades 6 through 12. It contains a collection of innovative activities and case studies that will provide educators with the means to engage students in the issues and information that encompass the topic of water conservation. The 15 activities and 10 case studies were designed to be thought provoking and to challenge students to exercise decision-making and higher level thinking skills. Background information offers a hydrologic primer; past, present, and future water conservation issues; and case studies ranging from a rancher in west Texas to an ice cream factory in Massachusetts. These real-life examples encourage students to use critical thinking skills to examine different sides of each situation. These workshops provides educator with hands-on experience with using several of the activities and case studies, as well as demonstrating ways in which they can be modified to meet the needs various types of students.

WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands features 70 pages of background material followed by more than 40 cross-referenced lessons. Lessons focus on wetlands definitions, wetlands plants and animals, water quality and supply issues, soils, and people. This guide can be purchased through the NJ Project WET Program for $20.

Healthy Water, Healthy People Water Quality Educators Guide and Test Kit Manual
The goal of the Healthy Water, Healthy People Program is to encourage investigation of the connections between water quality, environmental and human health. The Educators Guide has 25 hands-on, science-based lessons that are cross-referenced to the testing kits, a testing kit manual, web sites, and the National Education Standards for grades 6-12. The Test Kit Manual provides background information on 10 water quality parameters with lessons and demonstrations. The Educators Guide is available for $25 and the Test Kit Manual is $15 without going to a workshop.

Make A Splash with Project WET Water Festival GRANTS
Teachers who attend a WET Workshop are eligible to receive grant funds to sponsor a one or two day water celebration for 200 or more students in grades 3 - 8. A Water Festival is an excellent way to draw attention to the importance and value of water in our every day life! The festivals must be held during the last week of September to celebrate National Water Education Day and during the month of May to celebrate New Jersey's Watershed Awareness Month. The grants range from $400 to $1,000. The grant guidelines and application are available for educators who have attended a WET Workshop. Please email for details. DEADLINE IS MAY 20th for the SEPTEMBER FESTVALS.

For more information about workshops, curriculum guides, special programs and in-service workshops, please contact:

Ray Nichols, Division of Watershed Management
NJDEP, Box 418
PHONE: 609-984-0583 or 609-292-2113

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New Jersey Project WET is sponsored by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection's
Watershed Management Division and the New Jersey Audubon Society.