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Guidance Documents Site Remediation Reform Act Guidance


Site Remediation Reform Act Guidance

On November 4, 2009 the Administrative Requirements for the Remediation of Contaminated Sites (ARRCS) rule was signed by the Commissioner. A Guidance Library is provided to comply with the ARRCS rule. The following documents are referenced in the text of the rule. New guidance documents are designated by version and date. Documents stating Version 1.0 and above are considered final.


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Guidance Link Version Date
CEA Biennial Certification Compliance: Tools for Performing Well Searches for CEA Biennial Certifications Web page    
CEA Guidance Web page    
Characterization of Concrete and Clean Material Certification Web page    
Compliance Guidance TBA    
Cost Guide PDF 48 Kb Ver. 1.0 12/15/2009
Deed Notice Guidance Web page Ver. 1.1 06/27/2000
Direct oversight Guidance: When the Department of Environmental Protection May Undertake Direct Oversight of a Remediation of a Contaminated Site PDF 36 Kb Ver. 1.0 11/04/2009

Ecological Evaluation Technical Guidance
Please Note: Prior to posting version 1.0, the Ecological Evaluation Technical Guidance Committee identified a problem regarding the inability to print one of the figures in the document. The Committee reformatted the figure, which resolved the problem. The revised document is now designated as version 1.1.

Response to Comments [xls 183 Kb]

PDF 1.1 Mb Ver. 1.1 08/30/2011
Fees/Oversight Costs Guidance Document Web page Ver. 1.1 05/7/2012
Fill Guidance at SRP Sites
Response to Comments [xls 97 Kb]
PDF 145 Kb Ver. 1.0 08/11/2011
GIS guidance Web page    
Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund Application Guidance Web page Ver. 1.0 05/21/2010
Immediate Environmental Concern (IEC) Guidance
Response to Comments [xls 100 Kb]
PDF 447 Kb Ver. 1.0 08/22/2011
IEC - GAC POET Specifications PDF 116 Kb   09/2009
IEC - Direct Contact Spreadsheet Excel xls 37 Kb Ver. 1.0 08/30/2011
IEC - Potable Water Spreadsheet Excel xls 42 Kb Ver. 1.2 08/30/2011
IEC - Vapor Intrusion Spreadsheet Excel xls 39 Kb Ver. 1.2 08/30/2011
Issuance of Response Action Outcomes (RAO) See "Response Action Outcomes (RAO) Issuance Guidance" below      
Licensing of Proposed Child Care Centers Web page    

Light Non-aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) Initial Recovery and Interim Remedial Measures Technical Guidance
Response to Comments [pdf 37 Kb]

PDF 174 Kb Ver. 1.1 07/22/2011
Posted 22 July 2011
NJDEP Field Sampling Procedures Manual Web page Aug 2005 edition
Updated 04/30/2009
NJPDES Discharges to Ground Water Technical Manual for the Site Remediation Program Web page June 2007 edition  
Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Remediation, Upgrade, and Closure Fund Web page    
Preparation of the Case Inventory Documents PDF 43 Kb Ver. 1.1 01/12/2011
CID Example Sheet PDF 22 Kb Ver. 1.1 01/12/2011
CID Worksheet Excel xls 20 Kb Ver. 1.1
Presumptive and Alternative Remedy Technical Guidance PDF 67 Kb Ver. 1.0 07/22/2011
Protocol for Addressing EPH Contamination  ]  PDF 92 Kb Ver. 5.0 08/09/2010
Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons Methodology 
Note: The published version of this document skipped version 2.0 and went to 3.0.
PDF 601 Kb Ver. 3.0 08/09/2010
EPH Protocol and EPH Method Phase-in PDF 41 Kb Ver. 3.0 08/09/2010
Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbon (EPH) Calculator Spreadsheet 
NOTE: Your spreadsheet software will need to have macros enabled to use the calculator functions.
Excel xls 279 Kb Ver. 2.0 08/09/2010
Frequently Asked Questions for Petroleum Hydrocarbons ]  PDF 57 Kb Ver. 4.0 08/09/2010
Public Notification Guidance Web page    
Remedial Action Permit for Ground Water [Draft] PDF 157 Kb Ver. 0.0 02/24/2010
Remedial Action Permit for Soils [Draft] PDF 87 Kb Ver. 0.0 02/24/2010
Remediation of Contaminated Soils Web page   January 1998
Replacement of TPH Method 418.1 for the Site Remediation Program Web page    
Requirements for Remedial Actions Rendering Properties “Unusable” [Draft] PDF 30 Kb Ver. 0.0 11/04/2009
Response Action Outcomes (RAO) Issuance PDF 112 Kb Ver. 1.4 05/25/2011
RAO Shell Document MS Word doc 76 Kb Ver. 1.4 05/25/2011
Site Remediation Program’s Electronic Data Interchange  PDF 525 Kb   08/01/1997
Soil Remediation Standards Guidance Web page    
Submission and Use of Data in GIS Compatible Formats Pursuant to Technical Requirements for Site Remediation Web page   June 1997
Technical Assistance Grants Guidance PDF 50 Kb Ver. 1.1 01/31/2011
Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) Application form PDF 173 Kb Ver. 1.2 03/4/2011
Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) Application instructions PDF 36 Kb Ver. 1.2 03/4/2011
Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) Project Summary Sheets Excel xls 24 Kb Ver. 1.0  
Technical Assistance Grant Cost Guide PDF 48 Kb Ver 1.0 12/15/2009
Vapor Intrusion Guidance Web page October 2005 edition  
Interim Vapor Concern Technical Guidance [Draft]   PDF 34 Kb Ver. 0.0 10/04/2010
Well Search Guidance Web page