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Electronic Catalog of Selected Environmental Standards

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Drinking Water Standards

Ground Water Quality Standards

Surface Water Quality Standards

Soil Remediation Standards

List of Constituents with at least one Standard

Toxicity Factors Used to Develop Human Health Basis for DEP Standards

Chemical Name CAS #
Drinking Water
Ground Water
Surface Water
Barium 7440-39-3
Benz(a)anthracene 56-55-3  
Benzaldehyde 100-52-7      
Benzene 71-43-2
Benzidine 92-87-5  
Benzo(a)pyrene(BaP) 50-32-8
Benzo(b)fluoranthene (3,4-Benzofluoranthene) 205-99-2  
Benzo(ghi)perylene 191-24-2    
Benzo(k)fluoranthene 207-08-9  
Benzoic Acid 65-85-0      
Benzyl Alcohol 100-51-6      
Beryllium 7440-41-7
BHC (alpha-HCH) (benzenehydrochloride) 319-84-6  
(beta) (beta-HCH) 319-85-7  
Beta Particle/Photon radioactivity Beta/photon        
BHC (gamma-HCH/Lindane) 58-89-9
Biphenyl (Diphenyl) (1,1 Biphenyl) 92-52-4    
Bis(2-chloroisopropyl)ether 108-60-1  
Bis(2-chloroethyl) ether (Dichloroethyl ether) 111-44-4  
Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) 117-81-7
Bromate 15541-45-4      
Bromoacetic Acid 79-08-3      
Bromodichloromethane(Dichlorobromomethane) 75-27-4
Bromoform 75-25-2
Bromomethane (Methyl bromide) 74-83-9  
n-Butanol (n-butyl alcohol) 71-36-3      
2-Butanone (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) 78-93-3    
Butylbenzyl phthalate 85-68-7  

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