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Workshop Presentations

Plenary Session:

Monitoring: Coordination & Use in NJ Water Resource Management - Leslie McGeorge, NJDEP/Water Monitoring & Standards

Lunch Presentation:

IOOS: Linking Resource Management to Monitoring - J. Frederick Grassle, Rutgers Institute for Marine & Coastal Sciences

Breakout Session #1

Emerging Technologies - Water Quality

  • Integrated Approaches for Coastal Monitoring - Robert Connell, NJDEP/Water Monitoring & Standards
  • The Evolution of the NJ Observing System: The Potential for Water Quality Management - Oscar Schofield & Scott Glenn, Rutgers Institute for Marine & Coastal Sciences

Stormwater Monitoring

Mercury: Impacts, Sources & Monitoring

Breakout Session #2

Emerging Technologies: Water Quantity/Flow


Microbial Source Trackdown

Breakout Session #3

Emerging Contaminants

Ecological Monitoring

  • Bioassessment Integration Study: Systems Ecology Evaluation of USEPA Rapid Bioassessment Protocols in New Jersey (Macroinvertebrates, Periphyton, Fish and Habitat) - Dr. Richard Horwitz, The Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences
  • Assessing Ecological Impairment in NJ’s Estuarine and Coastal Marine Waters: Problems and Solutions - Michael Kennish, Rutgers Institute for Marine &
    Coastal Sciences/Nancy Immesberger, NJDEP/Water Monitoring & Standards
  • Ecological Monitoring in NJ Harbor Waters - Charles Strobel, EPA Office of Research and Development – Atlantic Ecology Division

Recreational Beach Monitoring

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