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Section 604(b) Water Quality Planning Grant Program

The State of New Jersey receives funds under Section 604(b) of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972 (33 U.S.C. §§ 1251 et seq., commonly referred to as the federal Clean Water Act (CWA)) to carry out water quality management planning activities under Sections 205(j) and 303 (e) of the Act. These activities include studies to determine the nature, extent and causes of water quality problems, and to establish point and nonpoint source pollution controls necessary to solve those problems. Further, Section 205(j)3 requires, with certain exceptions, that at least 40 percent of the water quality management planning grant funds awarded to the State be allocated as pass-through grants to regional public comprehensive planning organizations (RPCPOs) and Interstate Organizations created for the purpose of carrying out water quality planning activities. In New Jersey, these government agencies include: designated water quality management planning agencies, counties, municipalitie, and other regional or interstate water quality planning agencies.

For SFY14, the Department is focusing the funding to support its Comprehensive Water Resources Management (CWRM) initiative to integrate the work of three Divisions (Water Quality, Water Supply, and Water Monitoring and Standards) in a comprehensive and holistic approach, which moves directly from identification of stressors in watersheds to action plans. These action plans can also prevent the degradation of high quality waters. The Department will devote SFY14 604(b) grant funding to advance one or more of the regional and/or Statewide CWRM priorities. While the Department will continue work on wastewater management plans developed pursuant to the Water Quality Management Plan rules at N.J.A.C. 7:15, the wastewater management plan products will be integrated within the new vision for CWRM, combining the wastewater management plan products with the condition/stressors/response information and action plans developed for each watershed management area/subwatershed.

SFY 2014 RfP for the 604(b) grant program

For more information, please contact Barbara Hirst, Chief, Bureau of Environmental Analysis, Restoration and Standards at (609) 633-1441.



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