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Volunteer Monitoring

NJDEP's Volunteer Monitoring Program and the Watershed Watch Network are coordinated within Water Monitoring & Standards' Bureau of Water Quality Standards and Assessment. Watershed Watch Network is a program acting as an umbrella for all of the volunteer monitoring programs within New Jersey.

Watershed Watch Network

The Watershed Watch Network has two advisory committees; Data Users and Water Resource Managers make up the Internal Advisory Committee and Volunteer Monitoring Program Managers throughout the State make up the Watershed Watch Network Council.

Watershed Watch Network Council Members

A four-tiered approach has been developed to allow for volunteers to pick their level of involvement based on what the purpose of their monitoring program is, what the intended data use is and who the intended data users are.


New Jersey's Four-Tiered Approach to Volunteer Monitoring public notice

The goal of this new program is to provide acceptable protocols and QA/QC requirements for volunteers if they chose to submit their data to the NJDEP, to assist volunteers in designing and building upon their existing programs and assist data users in gathering sound data for their uses.

NJDEP Field Sampling Procedures Manual public notice

Volunteer Monitoring Summit Archive (includes past presentations and agendas)

Subscribe to Local/Volunteer Monitoring Listserv

If you would like more information about this program please contact Danielle Donkersloot, Volunteer Monitoring Coordinator, at 609-777-1753 or via email tovolunteermonitoring@dep.state.nj.us.

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