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Water Monitoring & Standards
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Volunteer Monitoring


QAPP Review- November through February, or by request.

Trainings- Annually, or by request. See the Events tab for the latest opportunities.

Watershed Ambassadors:
The New Jersey Watershed Ambassadors Program is a community-oriented AmeriCorps environmental program designed to raise awareness about watershed issues in New Jersey. Through this program, AmeriCorps members are placed in watershed management areas across the state to serve their local communities. For more information click here: http://www.nj.gov/dep/watershedmgt/ambassadors_index.htm

GPS Services:
The Volunteer Monitoring Program provides service to volunteer monitoring groups and organizations who are interested in having their water quality monitoring sites GPS so that they can more accurately enter their data into E2. In order for this service to be granted, a person familiar with the sites and their locations must be available to travel with me to GPS the site locations. I will provide one day of service per group or organization.

To request these services please send the following information to Katherine.Axt @ dep.state.nj.us.

Sign Up Information

Phone #:
How many sites do you need GPS points for?
What counties are these sites in?

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