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Volunteer Monitoring


NJDEP, with help from the volunteer monitoring program coordinators from around the state has created the first NJ public data management system for volunteer collected data. This online data management system has been designed to help alleviate the burden of data management and allow volunteer collected data to be comparable with other available data. This powerful tool allows registered volunteers to run simple statistics, create graphs for visual comparisons and makes data for a particular watershed, water body, or geographic location available for download. This new system allows the data to be effectively managed, analyzed and reported for use by NJDEP, interested organizations, the general public and you!

To begin using the NJ Electronic Data Management System

  1. To get started, register your volunteer monitoring program at http://www.nj.gov/dep/wms/bfbm/vm/getting_started.html. Fill out the New Group Signup Form found at the bottom of the page. New data reporters go to step 2.
  2. You must have a free 'myNew Jersey' account to have access to the data system; point your browser to www.nj.gov, click "Register" and follow the directions to create your account. Save your username and password.
  3. Next, you must register to have access to the NJDEP business portal. Go to www.njdeponline.com and click the link labeled 'here' within the sentence: "New users should request access to DEP Online here." Fill out the page and click 'Request.' Your authorization code will arrive by email shortly.
  4. Return to www.nj.gov. Log into your nj.gov account and click on the 'myNew Jersey' tab. You can then click on 'enter authorization code'.
  5. Copy and paste your authorization code from the NJDEP email into the appropriate box; click "Finished". You will be returned to the previous page. Note that on the left side of the screen, there appears a link that says "DEPOnline Services". Click that link.
  6. Fill out your personal contact information, including the phone contact and click 'Continue'. At the next screen, click 'Skip' and on the following screen click 'Complete Setup'
  7. You will be brought to the "My Services" selection screen. Scroll down and check the box saying 'Volunteer Water Monitoring Program' and then click 'OK'. Wait until the next screen loads; this means you have gained access to the E2 Data Management System. Follow instructions in the system manual to 'Associate with a VM group' and select an appropriate Role.
  8. Once you have been granted access, you will be able to access NJDEP online anytime by visiting www.njdeponline.com and clicking 'Continue'. This will bring you to the login page where you can put in your user name and password. Click on the DEPOnline service link as you did in Step 5. You will have to click the Volunteer Monitoring link to bring you to E2 and then proceed to create, retrieve, submit reports or search data.

Click here for more detailed instructions.

Click here to view the User Manual for entering data into the system.

Training, individual group assistance and support is available. For more information, please continue to check our website or request to be on our data system user group email list at volunteermonitoring@dep.state.nj.us

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