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Water Quality Data

The data collected through the water monitoring networks and projects, conducted by the Water Monitoring and Standards program, resides in a variety of locations including published reports and on-line databases (DEP databases as well as federal/national databases). Clicking on any of the links below will take you to the location where the particular data are housed.

Freshwater Data

Data for the following monitoring networks/efforts are contained in electronically available, published reports.

Data for the following 2 networks, which are cooperative networks between DEP and USGS, are available from the following sources: (1) the USGS computerized data system, NWISWeb (National Water Information System), (2) EPA's computerized STORET Data Warehouse (Surface water data only!) and (3) USGS's annual reports Water Resources Data-New Jersey.

Marine/Coastal Water Data

Data for the following 2 monitoring networks are available from both the Bureau of Marine Water Monitoring’s website as well as EPA’s STORET Data Warehouse.

Additionally, from April to November, data on the water quality at various coastal locations in Monmouth, Atlantic, Ocean and Cape May counties are available to the public on the Internet

Also, from May to September, beach monitoring data and results are available to the public on the Internet.

National Water Quality Portal

WM&S' freshwater chemcical/physical data and much of its marine water data are also available via the National Water Quality Portal. The Water Quality Portal is a cooperative service sponsored by the USGS, EPA and the National Water Quality Monitoring Council.

Water Quality Data Mapping

1. EnviroMapper for Water

Water quality data from EPA is available from EnviroMapper for Water, which is a web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) application that dynamically displays water quality and other environmental information about bodies of water in the United States. This interactive tool allows you to create customized maps that portray the nation's surface waters along with a collection of water quality related data from the national level down to community level. The redesigned tool provides the ability to:

  • Geographically display a variety of EPA water program data
  • Pan, zoom, label and print maps
  • Link to water program web reports after identifying specific features of interest
  • Generate specific water quality related reports based on an area of interest

2. NJGeoWeb

With NJ-GeoWeb users can view and query the best of the NJDEP’s Geographic Information System (GIS) data. NJ-GeoWeb users can link to reports from DEP Data Miner to access up to the minute environmental data related to selected features appearing on the map.
There are profiles for Well Drillers, Volunteer Water Monitoring contributors, and a one size fits all profile called GeoWeb. The GeoWeb profile was developed to allow users to explore a location or area of interest and view and query a great number of mapped environmental layers. It has NJDEP's greatest hits that are currently included in i-MapNJ DEP.

For additional information, please contact Jill Lipoti, Director

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