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New Jersey Water Quality Data Exchange System (WQDE)

What is WQDE?

The New Jersey Water Quality Data Exchange System (WQDE) is the Department of Environmental Protection's (NJDEP's) new comprehensive data system designed to receive, integrate, and disseminate New Jersey ambient water quality data generated from multiple sources. This system will make it easier for NJDEP, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), and regional and local water monitoring entities to submit and access New Jersey water quality monitoring data over the Internet. In addition to new data that is entered into WQDE, this system will also provide access to New Jersey water quality data stored in USEPA (STORET) and USGS (NWIS) data systems. WQDE will be used primarily for the development of New Jersey’s Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report and complements NJDEP's Volunteer Monitoring (VM) Data System, which was designed specifically as a repository for volunteer-collected water resource data.

WQDE Fact Sheet

How does WQDE Work?

WQDE is one of several customized software modules developed as part of NJDEP's Electronic Environmental (E2) Reporting System. E2 serves as NJDEP's web server or "gateway" between various sources and types of environmental data and NJDEP's main data repository, known as COMPASS. The different modules are customized for the input and retrieval of specific types of environmental data used by NJDEP. In addition to WQDE and VMDS, E2 modules have also been developed for Private Well Testing Act (PWTA) data, New Jersey Quantitation Levels (NJQL), Safe Drinking Water Analysis Reports, and Annual Water Utilization Reports.

WQDE uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) format and a defined set of fields (the WQDE schema), which allows data generators to submit water quality data into the Department's COMPASS database. Click here for an illustration of how WQDE works.

Getting started with WQDE


WQDE is accessed through the "NJDEP Online Business Portal" via the "myNewJersey" portal at www.nj.gov. You must have a "myNewJersey" portal account to directly access NJDEP's online services. If you do not have an account, you will be able to create one at no cost during the registration process the first time you enter NJDEP Online.

Step One: Request Access to NJDEP Online

    1. Go to “http://www.njdeponline.com and click on the button “NJDEP Online  New User INSTRUCTION
    2. Read the instructions and follow the procedure to request access to NJDEP Online.  (NOTE:  You do not need to request a PIN to use WQDE)
    3. When you get to the step to select services, scroll down the page and click the box next to “Water Quality Data Exchange

Step Two: Access E2

    1. Go to www.nj.gov/dep, scroll down to "Information Tools", and click on "DEP Online"

    or Go to NJDEP Online directly at www.njdeponline.com

    1. Click on the "Log in to DEP Online” on the right side of the page. You will be transferred to the “myNew Jersey" login page.
    2. Enter your Log On ID and Password and click on the "Log On" button. You will be brought to the "My Workspace – My Services” tab. 
    3. Click the “Water Quality Data Exchange” link and wait until the next screen loads; this screen will forward you to the Electronic Environmental (E2) Reporting System

Step Four: Submit/Access Data
Once you are in the Electronic Environmental (E2) Reporting System, you may create accounts and submit and review data.


Water quality data submitted to WQDE can be viewed on-screen via NJDEP Data Miner. Monitoring locations can be viewed via NJEP's Web based mapping solution, NJGeoWeb . Data from WQDE is sent to USEPA’s STORET Data Warehouse, which can be used to download data in a text based file format.

Technical Support

Technical assistance in using WQDE is available from the Department. If assistance is still needed after a thorough review of the online guide, fact sheet, and FAQs, data submitters  may contact the Department staff identified below:

Type of Support/ Program

Contact Person

Email address

Telephone number

WQDE Technical Assistance  

Paul Morton


(609) 292-1623

VM (Volunteer Monitoring)

Danielle Donkersloot


(609) 633-9241

Integrated Report/303(d)List

Kevin Berry


609) 633-7017

NJ Water Monitoring Council Alena Baldwin-Brown Alena.Baldwin-Brown@dep.state.nj.us (609) 292-1623
TMDL Studies Trish Ingelido Patricia.Ingelido@dep.state.nj.us (609) 633-1441
NJPDES Permit-related Studies Jason Lonardo Jason.Lonardo@dep.state.nj.us (609) 292-4860

Office of Science's Fish Tissue Data

Terri Tucker


(609) 633-3856

For additional information about WQDE, please contact Paul Morton at Water Monitoring and Standards, (609) 292-1623.

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