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State-Chartered Commercial Banks
2018 Annual Report

Below are links to the electronic files for the annual reports to be completed and filed with this office in accordance with Section 256(C) of the Banking Act of 1948, as amended in 1996, and N.J.A.C. 3:4-3.1 et seq.   These reports are to be completed as of the close of business December 31, 2017, and include: 

The due date for filing these reports is February 12, 2018Please e-mail the completed annual report forms to the Division at Alternatively, you may return the completed forms by mail to: State of New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, Applications Unit 5th Floor, PO Box 040 (regular mail), 20 West State Street (for overnight deliveries), Trenton, NJ 08625-0040.  However, electronic filing is strongly encouraged.

Also available below, for your convenience and for the convenience of the Directors elected at the annual meeting of the Stockholders, are links to the following downloadable forms which may be used for compliance with Section 103 of The Banking Act of 1948.

Form 245 - Individual Oath of Directors

To be used for the oath of the individual director

Form 246 - Collective Oath of Directors

To be used for the collective oath of two or more directors

Form 247 - List of Directors Elected

Covers the list of Directors elected at the annual meeting and must be certified by an officer of your bank and filed in this Department. 

Please note: A Director who subscribes to the oath on the collective form (Form 246) should not in addition subscribe on the individual form of oath (Form 245).

Please remember that, pursuant to Section 104 of the Act, a Director is disqualified who fails to subscribe to the oath specified in Section 103 within 30 days after election, or in the case of disability within such further time as the Commissioner may fix.

Under the provisions of the New Jersey Administrative Code 3:7‑5 et seq., every person who is required to file Statement of Interest forms (SI-1 and SI-2) with your bank shall complete and file both of these forms within 30 days after the annual meeting.  In the event an individual already has a statement on file, and there is no change or only a minor change, the annual review may be accomplished by signing and re-dating the certificate already on file on the second page of the form.  As an alternative, the individual may issue a certification similar to the one contained on the second page of the form making reference to the statement on file.  All statements shall be kept on file at the bank in accordance with N.J.A.C. 3:7‑5.4.  For your convenience you may use these links to the forms: SI-1 and SI-2.    

If, during the ensuing year, there is any change to the membership of the board of the Bank, or if there is any change to the officers of the Bank, please notify Chief Examiner Richard Poliner in writing with a description of the change as soon as possible.  Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

If you have any questions please call Financial Examiner Marcy Spinrad at ext. (609) 292-7272 ext. 50440. 

Please return scans of the completed Directors’ Oath forms and List of Directors Elected via e-mail to, or if you prefer, send them via mail to:

State of New Jersey
Department of Banking and Insurance
Bank Applications 5th Floor
PO Box 040 (regular mail)
20 West State Street (overnight deliveries)
Trenton, NJ 08625-0040  

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