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The state is divided into various territories for insurance rating purposes. The Auto Insurance Cost Reduction Act of 1998 established the statute which ultimately required that the boundaries of the 27 auto territories established in the 1940s be redrawn utilizing current zip code designations. 

The transition from the 27 historical territories to our current system began in 2007, with the adoption of what is referred to as the Common Map.  In 2008, all companies had to choose whether they would use the established map or create their own, and in September of 2008 all companies began the transition of their policies from the 27 historical territory designations to the new map they had chosen to use. 

The Department, in compiling this guide, has used the Common Map territory designations and has already melded the rates from companies that use different maps into the Common Map territory designations.  Therefore, while it is possible that the territory designation for your area as listed on your current policy may differ from the territory designation for your area listed in the Premium Comparison, the rates listed are accurate for the example, as reported by the company. 

Select your zip code in order to obtain the territory designation that corresponds with this Premium Comparison Survey

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