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The On-line Qualifying Questionnaire
A new, online questionnaire is being implemented with the 2013 renewal. The questionnaire has been modified to pertain to an individual and will no longer be submitted for you by your company's Broker of Record as was the process for previous renewals.

Every individual licensee will be required to complete and submit their own online questionnaire. This includes all Employing Brokers, Brokers of Record, Brokersalespersons, Salespersons, and Referral Agents. No paper questionnaires will be accepted. The answers you indicate on the questionnaire should be specific to you alone and pertain to you as an individual.

Please remember: the submission of your qualifying questionnaire DOES NOT renew your real estate license. Your license must be submitted for renewal by the Broker of Record of the firm which you're employed. The Broker of Record will not have the capability of submitting your license for renewal until you've successfully submitted your qualifying questionnaire AND completed your required continuing education.

Click here for detailed instructions concerning the on-line Qualifying Questionnaire OR click on the link below to go directly to your Qualifying Questionnaire login:

My Qualifying Questionnaire

Please Note: Currently there is no continuing education requirement for the renewal of a Referral Agent license.