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Welcome to the Department of Banking and Insurance's Online Licensing Services Registration page.
You can begin using one of DOBI's Online Licensing Services in just a few minutes by following the 3-step process outlined below...
Step 1... Sign up for a myNewJersey Online Account  
  Setting up this FREE account will provide a secure online environment and immediate access to a host of services and information provided by the State of New Jersey. This is a statewide system which was created to be a portal or one-stop shop for dispersing information and providing access to many web-based services.

Anyone can set up a myNewJersey online account. Once this account is set up, this will be your homepage to the State of New Jersey (myNewJersey). Initially, the myNewJersey homepage is a generic web page containing general services and public information, such as the NJ State Lottery, local weather forecasts, and a calendar of events. Show me what this homepage looks like!

  To create the account, you need to provide the following information:  
      • A logon ID and password of your choosing (something easy to remember!)
      • The first and last name of the person who will be using this account
      • A challenge question and its answer
      • A valid e-mail address (one that you are currently using!)
  Click the link below to get started (opens a new window)...  
(Note: If you already have a myNewJersey online account, you should skip this step and use your existing account,
so that all of your online services are available through the same logon ID and password.)

  Write down the logon ID and password you've selected and keep it in a safe place. That logon ID and password will be the key to accessing your myNewJersey Online Account. What if I forget my logon ID or password? Eventually, you will want to enhance your myNewJersey homepage by adding online servicing links specific to you and your business needs. To add these links, you will need to register for each service separately. The next step shows you how to register for DOBI-related online services...  
Step 2... Register for a DOBI Online Licensing Service  
  The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance provides online licensing services for licensed Real Estate Brokers and Banking Consumer Finance Entities, including transfers and terminations, license renewals and address changes. Additional services are being prepared and will be available soon. After you have created your myNewJersey Online Account, you can register for FREE for the appropriate service by clicking the associated link below (opens a new window)...
Real Estate Brokers
Banking Consumer Finance Entities
  You will need to provide the following: You will need to provide the following:  
  • The 7-digit Reference Number of the
    Broker of Record (RB) or Employing Broker (EB)
  • The last four digits of the Broker's Social Security Number
  • The first and last name of the person who will be using this account
  • A valid e-mail address (one that you are currently using!)

  • The 7-digit Reference Number of the
    Banking Consumer Finance Entity
  • The 10-digit Account Number assigned to the Banking Consumer Finance Entity
  • The first and last name of the person who will be using this account
  • A valid e-mail address (one that you are currently using!)

  After the above registration has been processed, an Authorization Code, consisting of a random series of 12 letters and numbers, will be sent to the e-mail address you provided, along with instructions on how to use the authorization code to complete your registration. What if I didn't receive the e-mail? This electronic mailing is done as a security precaution. Once you have received your Authorization Code, you are ready to proceed to the final step...

Step 3... Log onto your myNewJersey Online Account and enter your Authorization Code  
  If the registration window from step 1 is still available, you can use it to access your myNewJersey Online Account. If you've already closed that window, you can click on the following link...  
  ... and log into your myNewJersey Online Account, using the logon ID and password you created in step 1. Your password must be typed in exactly as it was entered in step 1 (capital and lower-case letters matter!) If you've logged in successfully, you should see a WELCOME message in the upper left-hand side of the screen, along with the first and last names you entered in step 1. To the right of the Welcome message, you will see a set of links, starting with "logout" and ending with "help".
This is the navigation bar. How can I get additional assistance?
Example of Navigation bar.
  Above the Welcome message, you should see a series of tabs. The tab labeled "myNewJersey" should be highlighted. What if the myNewJersey tab isn't highlighted? The NJ State division that manages the Example of Welcome message and Homepage tabs. myNewJersey Portal may add new features in the future, increasing the number of tabbed pages that you can view from the Homepage... your DOBI Online Services will always be available from the myNewJersey tab.

Now that we've verified that you have logged in successfully and are viewing the correct homepage, you can complete your registration...

  • Click the "Enter Authorization Code" link in the navigation bar...
  • On the page that opens, find the box labeled "Enter your Authorization Code" and enter the 12-character Authorization Code that you received in the e-mail from step 2. (Note: If you are familiar with copy & paste, you might find it easier to select and copy the code from the e-mail, then paste it into the box)...
  • Click the "Finished" button.
  Your Authorization Code will be verified by myNewJersey Portal security. The Authorization Code doesn't work... I'm getting an error! This should only take a few seconds. Once verified, the Portal will automatically log you out so that it can update your settings, and return you to the myNewJersey Portal Log In page.

Log back into your myNewJersey Online Account, once again using the login ID and password that you created in step 1. You should now see an extra feature on the left side of the screen that did not appear on your homepage previously... a blue bar labeled "DOBI Applications", with a link to Example of DOBI Applications bar. the DOBI online service that you registered for in step 2. The DOBI Applications Bar is missing from my homepage! You can use this link to jump directly into this DOBI online service. If you register for any other DOBI online services in the future, the new links will appear in this same location on your homepage, under the "DOBI Applications" bar.

Congratulations! You've completed your registration!
  Once you've successfully registered for an online service by completing step 3, you will no longer need your Authorization Code. It can not be passed on to another person and can never be reused. If you have colleagues who also need to register for an online service, each person will need to register individually for the desired service.  

OPRA is a state law that was enacted to give the public greater access to government records maintained by public agencies in New Jersey.
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