List of Unauthorized Insurers Which Qualify

As Eligible Surplus Lines Insurers



Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 17:22-6.45, the following named unauthorized insurers qualify as eligible surplus lines insurers in New Jersey.


Foreign Companies (Companies of Other States)


37958 Acceptance Insurance Company Omaha, NE

39381 Adriatric Insurance Company Bismark, ND

36420 Allianz Underwriters Insurance Co. Los Angeles, CA

35351 American Empire Surplus Lines Insurance Co. Wilmington, DE

43117 American Equity Insurance Co. Scottsdale, AZ

38920 American Healthcare Specialty Insurance Co. Little Rock, AR

10316 Appalachian Insurance Co. Johnston, RI

19860 Argonaut Great Central Insurance Co. Peoria, IL (formerly Great Central Insurance Co.)

27189 Associated International Insurance Co. Woodland Hills, CA

23620 Burlington Insurance Co. Burlington, NC

26743 Caliber One Indemnity Co. Wilmington, DE (formerly Lincoln Insurance Co)

36951 Century Surety Co. Columbus, OH

31127 Columbia Casualty Co. Chicago, IL

19489 Commercial Underwriters Insurance Co. Culver City, CA

44520 Crum & Forster Specialty Insurance Co. Hartford, CT (formerly Transnational Insurance Co.)

10717 Dakota Specialty Insurance Co. Bismarck, ND

21334 Empire Indemnity Insurance Co. Oklahoma City, OK

39020 Essex Insurance Co. Wilmington, DE

35378 Evanston Insurance Co. Evanston, IL

10851 Everest Indemnity Insurance Co. Wilmington, DE

44792 Executive Risk Specialty Insurance Co. Simsbury, CT (formerly Executive Re Specialty Insurance Co.)

39640 Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. of Ohio Cincinnati, OH

34916 First Specialty Insurance Corp. Jefferson City, MO

20559 Fulcrum Insurance Co. Phoenix, AR

10833 Gemini Insurance Co. Wilmington, DE

36838 General Agents Insurance Co. Oklahoma City, OK of America, Inc.

37362 General Star Indemnity Co. Stamford, CT

34991 Genesis Indemnity Insurance Co. Bismarck, ND

37532 Great American E & S Insurance Wilmington, DE Co. (formerly Agricultural Excess & Surplus Insurance Co.)

41858 Great American Fidelity Insurance Co. Wilmington, DE (formerly known as American Dynasty Surplus Lines Insurance Co.)

38580 Great American Protection (formerly Indianapolis, IN known as Eden Park Insurance Co.)

10956 Guilford Insurance Co. Springfield, IL

42811 Gulf Underwriters Insurance Co. Hartford, CT

42374 Houston Casualty Co. Houston, TX

09989 INEX Insurance Exchange Chicago, IL (formerly Illinois Insurance Exchange)

27960 Illinois Union Insurance Co. Chicago, IL

36940 Indian Harbor Insurance Co. Bismark,ND

22829 Interstate Fire and Casualty Co. Chicago, IL

10940 Kemper Surplus Lines Insurance Co. Long Grove, IL

40991 Kemper Indemnity Insurance Co. Los Angeles, CA (formerly Carlisle Insurance Co.)

35637 Landmark Insurance Company Los Angeles, CA

29912 Legion Indemnity Co. Chicago, IL

19437 Lexington Insurance Co. Wilmington, DE

10725 Liberty Surplus Insurance Corporation Concord, NH

33189 Monticello Insurance Co. Wilmington, DE

37974 Mt. Hawley Insurance Co. Overland Park, KS

35947 Mt. McKinley Insurance Co. Dover, DE (formerly Gibraltar Casualty Co.)

26522 Mt. Vernon Fire Insurance Co. King of Prussia, PA

20087 National Indemnity Co. Omaha, NE

17370 Nautilus Insurance Co. Scottsdale, AZ

17400 Noetic Specialty Insurance Co. (formerly Chicago, IL known as Coregis Indemnity Co.)

25038 North American Capacity Insurance Co. Manchester, NH

27987 Northfield Insurance Co. St Louis, MO

35602 OHIC Insurance Co. Columbus, Oh

19160 Old Lyme Insurance Co. of Rhode Island Warwick, R.I.

37338 Pacific Insurance Co. Los Angeles, CA

10046 Pacific Insurance Co. Limited Hartford, CT

32859 Penn-America Insurance Co. Hatboro, PA

34118 Preferred National Insurance Co. Richmond, VA

36234 Preferred Professional Insurance Co. Omaha, NE (formerly Preferred Physicians Insurance Co.)

10786 (The) Princeton Excess and Surplus Lines Insurance Co. Wilmington, DE

21199 Rock River Insurance Co. Stevens Point, WI

41807 Royal Surplus Lines Insurance Co. Glastonbury, CT

11100 Safeco Surplus Lines Insurance Co. Seattle, WA

16551 Savers Property-Casualty Insurance Co. Overland Park, KS

41297 Scottsdale Insurance Co. Columbus, OH

10932 Starr Excess Liability Insurance Co. Ltd. Wilmington, DE

26387 Steadfast Insurance Co. Dover, DE

30481 St. Paul Surplus Lines Insurance Co. St. Paul, MN

12866 T.H.E. Insurance Co. Metairie, LA

25445 TIG Specialty Insurance Co. San Francisco, CA

29696 (The) Travelers Excess and Surplus Lines Co. Hartford, CT

37982 Tudor Insurance Co. Keene, NH

24319 ULICO Indemnity Co. Little Rock, AR

28053 United Coastal Insurance Co. Phoenix, AZ

13064 United National Insurance Co. Phila., PA

17159 USF Insurance Co. Phila., PA

40428 Voyager Indemnity Insurance Co. Duluth, GA

10172 Westchester Surplus Lines Insurance Co. Atlanta, GA

13196 Western World Insurance Co., Inc. Keene, NH

19607 Winterthur International America Underwriters Insurance Co. Tulsa, OK

24317 ZC Specialty Insurance Co. Austin, TX

Alien Insurers (Companies of other countries)


AA1120126 Alea London Limited London, England

AA3190004 Associated Electric and Gas Insurance Svs, Ltd. Hamilton, Bermuda

AA1560210 Commonwealth Insurance Co. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

AA3190600 Glencoe Insurance Ltd. Hamilton, Bermuda

AA1120023 Gulf Insurance Co. U.K. Ltd. London, England

AA1120822 International Insurance Co. of Hanover, Ltd. London, England

AA1122000 Lloyds of London London, England

AA1120481 QBE International Insurance Ltd. London, England

AA1360182 Riunione Adriatica Di Sicurta, s.p.a. Trieste, Italy

AA1121366 Sphere Drake Insurance Co. London, England (formerly Odyssey Re (London) Ltd.

AA1120962 St Paul Reinsurance Company, Ltd. London, England

AA1121425 Terra Nova Insurance Co., Ltd. London, England

AA1121480 Unionamerica Insurance Co, Ltd. London, England

AA1780080 XL Europe Insurance Dublin, Ireland (formerly X.L. Europe Insurance)

AA1120001 Zurich Reinsurance London Limited London, England (formerly Zurich Reinsurance (London) Ltd. and Zurich Re (U.K.) Ltd.)