Regulated Flow Advisory Committee

Please note: The Commission's advisory committees provide a forum for the exchange of information and viewpoints on a variety of issues. Presentations made at public meetings of the Commission's advisory committees are posted on the DRBC web site for the convenience of participants and the public, in order to encourage informed discussion and debate. However, readers are advised that the Commission cannot attest to the accuracy of the information presented by individuals who are not members of the Commission staff. The views and information contained in these materials are those of the presenters and unless stated otherwise in a particular document, have not been endorsed by the Commission or its personnel.

Committee Information

Committee Members

Regulated Flow Advisory Committee Bylaws (pdf)

Resolution 2005-18 (pdf; Reconstitutes the Flow Management Technical Advisory Committee as the Regulated Flow Advisory Committee, re-defining its purpose and expanding its membership)

Resolution for the Minutes Establishing Consistent Practices Relating to Membership, Record-Keeping and "Green" Meetings for DRBC Advisory Committees (pdf 86 KB; March 2016)

  • Persuant to the above Resolution for the Minutes, when posted online, presentations and other documents created for use by an advisory committee shall bear the statement "Presented to an advisory committee of the DRBC. Contents should not be published or re-posted in whole or in part without the permission of the author(s) or the committee."
Meeting Materials and Summaries
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