The ex officio members of the Delaware River Basin Commission are the governors of the four basin states (New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey) and the commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers North Atlantic Division, who serves as the federal representative. The members appoint alternate commissioners.


Photo of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

New York

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, Member
Joe Martens, Alternate
Mark Klotz, 2nd Alternate
Tom Cullen, 3rd Alternate
Angus Eaton, 4th Alternate
Emily Lloyd, Advisor

Photo of Joe Martens.
Governor Cuomo
Mr. Martens

Vice Chair

Photo of Gov. Jack Markell.


Governor Jack A. Markell, Member
David S. Small, Alternate
Bryan A. Ashby, 2nd Alternate

Photo of David Small.
Governor Markell
Mr. Small

Second Vice Chair

Photo of BG Kent Savre.

Federal Representative

Brigadier General Kent D. Savre, Member
Lieutenant Colonel Michael A. Bliss, Alternate
David J. Leach, 2nd Alternate
Henry W. Gruber, 3rd Alternate

Photo of LTC Michael Bliss. 
Brigadier General
Lieutenant Colonel


Photo of Gov. Tom Wolf.


Governor Tom Wolf, Member
Alternate(s) To Be Announced

Governor Wolf


Photo of Gov. Chris Christie.

New Jersey

Governor Chris Christie, Member
Bob Martin, Alternate
Daniel M. Kennedy, 2nd Alternate
Fred Sickels, 3rd Alternate

Photo of Bob Martin.
Governor Christie
Mr. Martin