Most of the following publications are available for download. Paper copies may be requested by contacting the commission (a fee for copying and associated labor costs may apply). You may also contact the DRBC's Information Resources Center to inquire about making an appointment to view particular publications. 

DRBC Delaware Estuary (Tidal River & Bay)/Tributary Reports
DRBC Non-Tidal Delaware River/Tributary Reports
DRBC Basis and Background Documents

These publications are developed by DRBC staff in conjunction with DRBC rulemakings. 

Other DRBC Reports/Publications
Reports/Publications Not Available for Download

Delaware Estuary Reports:

  • Monitoring Report Covering Developments and Data Collected or Reported in 1998 (2000)
  • Public Hearing Response Document, Regulations for Controlling Toxic Pollutants in the Delaware River Estuary (1996)
  • Development of a Tidal Version of the Cormix Models for Application to Discharges in the Delaware Estuary (1995)
  • Calibration and Validation of the DYNHYD5 Hydrodynamic Model for the Delaware River Estuary (1995)
  • Water Quality Criteria for Toxic Pollutants for the Delaware River Estuary (1995)
  • Sediment Contaminants of the Delaware River Estuary (1993)
  • Ambient Toxicity Study of the Delaware River Estuary Phase 1 (1991)

Non-Tidal Delaware River/Tributary Reports:

  • Redesign of the DRBC/NPS Scenic Rivers Monitoring Program, Report No. 18 of the Cooperative Program (1995)
  • Public Hearing Response Document, Special Protection Waters Non-Point Source Regulations (1994)
  • Determination of Travel Time in the Delaware River, Hancock N.Y., to the Delaware Water Gap, by Use of a Conservative Dye Tracer (Published jointly with U.S.G.S.) (1994)
  • Longitudinal Dispersion of a Conservative Solute in the Delaware River, Hancock, N.Y., to the Delaware Water Gap (1994)
  • Findings of the 1993 Scenic Rivers Water Quality Monitoring Program and Stream Flow Rating Curves for Seventeen Tributaries (1994)
  • Proceedings of the Upper Delaware Water Quality and Biological Monitoring Conference (1994)


  • Development of a Protocol for a Chemical Translator from Total Recoverable to Dissolved Metal in the Delaware River (1996)
  • Low Altitude Remote Sensing Study (1995)