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Most Recent Commission Meeting Highlights
Meeting of September 9-10, 2014

The Delaware River Basin Commission met on Tuesday, September 9 and Wednesday, September 10, 2014. Below is the meeting agenda, with links to the presentation given, dockets approved, and resolutions passed (items are added as they become available).


The commission's public hearing was held on Tuesday, September 9, 2014. The business meeting, which included a conference session, was held the following day on Wednesday, September 10, 2014. The hearing and business meeting were open to the public and held at Washington Crossing Historic Park Visitor Center, 1112 River Road, Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania.

The public hearing and public dialogue session on September 9, 2014 ran from 1:30 p.m. until approximately 2:15 p.m. Hearing items included draft dockets for the withdrawals, discharges, and other water-related projects listed below and for resolutions: (1) directing the Executive Director to prepare Stage 2 total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) for the Delaware River Estuary and Bay, and to furnish these to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) so that EPA may establish the Stage 2 TMDLs; and (2) authorizing the Executive Director to enter into an agreement with New York University Medical Center for studies on the effects of PCBs and dissolved oxygen on Atlantic Sturgeon.

The business meeting on September 10, 2014 ran from 12:15 p.m. until approximately 1 p.m.

The agenda for the business meeting follows. Items subject to a public hearing are noted as such below.

Conference Session:

Basin Plan Implementation - Annual Progress Report (pdf 2.45 MB; K. Najjar). View associated report (pdf 2 MB).

A. Minutes. (The minutes from the June 11, 2014 DRBC business meeting were approved unanimously; pdf 86 KB) 

B. Announcements.

C. Hydrologic Report. (A. Shallcross)

D. Executive Director’s Report. (S. Tambini)

E. General Counsel’s Report. (K. Warren, P. Bush) (The report included consideration of a request for waiver of late application fee for Wurtsboro Village, New York; this request did not receive the needed motions to be brought to a vote by the commissioners).

F. Resolution Directing the Executive Director to Prepare Stage 2 Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) for the Delaware Estuary and Bay, and to Furnish These to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) so that EPA May Establish the Stage 2 TMDLs. (pdf 25 KB; T. Fikslin) (Public hearing completed September 9, 2014) This resolution was passed unanimously by the commissioners.

G. Resolution Authorizing the Executive Director to Enter into an Agreement with New York University Medical Center for Studies on the Effects of PCBs and Dissolved Oxygen on Atlantic Sturgeon. (pdf 22 KB; T. Fikslin) (Public hearing completed September 9, 2014) This resolution was passed unanimously by the commissioners.

H. Project Review Docket Applications. (D. Kovach) Dockets approved by the commissioners on September 10, 2014 are linked below (all are pdfs). All but number 17 were the subjects of public hearings completed on September 9, 2014. Dockets numbered 1-16, 18-32, and 34 were approved by unanimous vote; docket number 33 was approved 4-0-1, with New Jersey abstaining. The public hearing on number 17 was postponed to allow additional time for review. Note that at each of its public meetings, the commission may consider action on any item for which a hearing has been completed or may defer one or more such items for consideration at a public meeting of the commission on a future date.  

View Project Location Map (pdf 741 KB).

1. Knoll, Inc. (PA), industrial wastewater treatment plant, D-1974-162-4.

2. Upper Merion Township (Frog Run) (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-1987-013 CP‑2.

3. Salem City Water and Sewer Department (NJ), wastewater treatment plant, D-1987-037 CP-3.

4. Burlington City (NJ), wastewater treatment plant, D-1990-016 CP-2.

5. Upper Merion Township (Trout Creek) (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-1992-051 CP‑2.

6. Exelon (Eddystone) (PA), industrial wastewater treatment plant, D-1992-066 CP-2.

7. JFBB Ski Areas, Inc. (Big Boulder) (PA), surface water withdrawal, D-1993-053-3.

8. New Hanover Township Authority (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-1999-040 CP-3.

9. Central Carbon Municipal Authority (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-1999-048 CP‑2.

10. South Coventry Township (PA), groundwater withdrawal, D-2000-026 CP-2.

11. Topton Borough (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-2001-041 CP-2.

12. Roxbury Town (NY), groundwater withdrawal, D-2002-014 CP-2.

13. Morgan Hill Golf Club (PA), groundwater withdrawal, D-2002-024-2.

14. Bedminster Municipal Authority (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-2003-014 CP-2.

15. Upper Hanover Authority (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-2004-017 CP-3.

16. Ledgerock Golf Club (PA), groundwater withdrawal, D-2004-026-2.

17. Sapa Extrusions, Inc. (PA), industrial wastewater treatment plant, D-2005-001-4. Consideration of this docket was postponed to allow additional time for review.

18. Borough of Strausstown (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-2005-006 CP-3.

19. Pennsylvania American Water Company (Coatesville) (PA), water filtration plant discharge, D-2006-036 CP-2.

20. Yukiguni Maitake Manufacturing Corporation of America (NY), multiple facility discharges, D‑2008-035-2.

21. Exelon (Eddystone) (PA), surface water withdrawal, D-2008-038 CP-2.

22. Axeon Refining, LLC (NJ), asphalt refinery discharges, D-2009-037-2.

23. Beaver Lake Estates (NY), wastewater treatment plant, D-2009-038 CP-2.

24. Village of Buckingham Springs (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-2009-040 CP-2.

25. Pennsylvania American Water Company (Stony Garden) (PA), water filtration plant, D‑2010-025 CP-2.

26. Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc. (Bristol) (PA), new well water system, D-1978-083 CP-2.

27. Crystal Water Supply Company, Inc. (NY), groundwater withdrawal, D-1986-022 CP-4.

28. Reading City (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-1986-028 CP-3.

29. Stanley Black and Decker (PA), groundwater withdrawal, D-1987-032-4.

30. Fallsburg Consolidated Water District (NY), groundwater withdrawal, D-1990-105 CP-3.

31. Waymart Area Authority (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-2002-032 CP-2.

32. Buckingham Township (PA), groundwater withdrawal, D-2003-013 CP-7.

33. New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJ), fish hatchery groundwater withdrawal, D‑2013-014 CP-1.

34. HMSHOST P. J. Camiel Hill Travel Plaza (PA), wastewater treatment plant, D-2013-018 CP-1.

I. Resolution for the Minutes Recognizing Richard C. Gore for His Exemplary Service as Acting Executive Director of the Delaware River Basin Commission. (pdf 8 KB; A. Eaton) This resolution was passed unanimously by the commissioners.