Water Quality

Article 5 of the Delaware River Basin Compact is entitled Pollution Control and states that the "commission may undertake investigations and surveys...and maintain projects and facilities to control potential pollution and abate or dilute existing pollution of the water resources of the basin."

The commission may accomplish this, after investigation and public notice and hearing, by classification of the waters of the basin, establishment of standards of treatment of sewage, industrial, or other waste, and adoption of rules, regulations, and standards to control future and abate existing pollution.

DRBC's Water Quality Regulations are divided into two main sections: Article 3 - Water Quality Standards for the Delaware River Basin (pdf pgs. 13-114) and Article 4 - Application of Standards (pdf pgs. 115-143).

Notable commission water quality programs are its review of water resource projects (project review), Special Protection Waters (SPW) program for the non-tidal river, assimilative capacity/TMDL regulations, and its Pollutant Minimization Plan (PMP) requirements for point and non-point discharges of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the tidal Delaware River.

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