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Acheive NJ: Learn. Teach. Lead.

Educator Evaluation in New Jersey


Hot Topics

On June 7, 2016 the Office of Evaluation released its AchieveNJ End of Year Memo. Please refer to the memo for the following topics:

  • Annual Evaluation Survey
  • Practice Instrument Request for Qualification (RFQ) Update
  • Evaluation  Data Submission
  • AchieveNJ Regional Summer Workshops

The Office of Evaluation is offering Regional Workshops designed to support district implementation of the proposed regulatory changes to AchieveNJ.  Each session will introduce tools, guidance, and best practices related to the updated regulations and lessons learned over the first three years of AchieveNJ.  Each Regional Workshop will contain sessions in the following four areas:

  1. Highly Effective Educators 
  2. SGO Quality
  3. Supporting School Leaders
  4. Teacher Preparation

A team of three educators – a teacher leader, a school leader and a district leader – would provide a good combination for the workshop approach the Office of Evaluation plans to use.  Districts who wish to bring additional participants to these workshops should contact us at  Please refer to the AchieveNJ End Of Year Memo and visit the event registration page for more information and to register.

Complete Overviews of AchieveNJ: (Word | Presentation)