Additional District Resources

Waiver Process
Districts seeking a waiver for some component(s) of the evaluation regulations can apply through the official State Board process.  To do this, the district should complete the form found at and submit it to the county office.

SGO and Administrator Goal Review Process
The Department is offering a score review process for 2013-14 summative ratings impacted by Student Growth Objective (SGO) and/or Administrator Goal ratings.  If a teacher's SGO score or a principal/assistant principal(AP)/vice principal(VP)'s Administrator Goal score was the sole cause for an Ineffective or Partially Effective summative rating for the 2013-2014 academic year, the educator will be eligible to ask for an expedited review of the rating.  In addition, if a teacher's rating is adjusted through the SGO review, that teacher's SGO score may be negated from the principal's SGO average if doing so improves the principal's rating from Ineffective or Partially Effective to Effective or Highly Effective.

The steps for this process are as follows:

  • The Department has released simple forms for educators to complete that will automatically indicate the adjusted annual summative rating.  Principals should share these online forms with teachers who wish to participate in this review:
  • Qualifying teachers and principals should complete the forms and submit them to the principal (for teachers) or the chief school administrator (for principals) by February 1, 2015 or within 15 school days of receiving the summative rating – whichever is later. 
  • The principal or chief school administrator (CSA) must provide an answer to the teacher or principal within 15 school days of receiving an appeal.  In instances where the principal reviews a teacher's form, the principal should then forward the information to the CSA.
  • Once the CSA signs off on the review, the score weight will be adjusted from 15% to 1[1]% and the teacher practice or principal practice instrument score weight will be increased accordingly.
  • The educator has 15 school days following the receipt of the CSA's decision to appeal any disagreement they may have to the Commissioner of Education.

[1] According to regulations, the weight of the component cannot be zero; thus it will be reduced to the lowest amount.